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Twitter Users Everywhere, Rejoice! 140 and Counting:

  • No, we’re not referring to the current number of Duggar children.
  • In a recent Twitter update, you can now (semi) exceed 140 characters!
  • The fine print: adding links, photos, gifs, or videos will no longer affect the 140-character limit you have to tweet your little opinionated hearts out.
  • Additionally, when you reply to a tweet, the handles of whom you’re addressing will no longer affect the 140 characters either.
  • So sit back and relax knowing that you’ll never be cut off agai


Cosby and Constand — The First Case Against Bill Cosby is Going to Trial:

  • In case you’re wondering: no, it’s still not appropriate to break out your old Cosby-style sweaters.
  • During a Tuesday hearing, a Pennsylvania judge ruled the existence of enough evidence to take Cosby to trial in a criminal sexual assault case.


  • “I thought this happened already.” Not exactly.
  • More than 50 women have come forward with accusations of sexual assault against Cosby. However, due to this thing called “statute of limitations” (too much time has gone by without them coming forward), this is the first case that will actually go to trial.
  • The woman, Andrea Constand, an employee at Cosby’s alma mater, Temple University, is pressing three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault against Cosby, who faces at up to 10 years in prison.


Cause It’s 11:30 and the Club Is Trumpin’ Trumpin’: 

  • Well ladies, leave your man at home, because Donald Trump has officially clinched all the delegates he needs to be the GOP nominee.
  • However, Trump is, in fact, holding off on officially accepting the nomination until the delegates actually cast their ballots in June.
  • Tuesday, Trump took home the W in the Washington primaries. So what does that mean?
  • Washington didn’t have enough delegates for Trump to meet that magic number, so the verbal commitment of the few remaining numbers he needed is a big win for Trump.
  • Even with the delegate number met and only a handful of primaries left (like California, for instance), tensions are high. Think riots in California and New Mexico.
  • Stay tuned for June. (7th, but 7th doesn’t rhyme)


Officer Manslaughter Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray Case:

  • Last year, a black 25-year-old, Freddie Gray, was arrested in Baltimore for running away from the police.
  • He was placed in leg braces because he was kicking and shouting in the police van during the ride, and was put back into the van without a seatbelt. When the vehicle arrived to the station, Gray was unconscious, and later died of spinal cord injuries.
  • Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Obviously, protests ensued–mostly peaceful– but eventually, they turned violent.
  • Six officers were charged with counts up to second-degree murder.
  • After a hung jury and an entire year, a judge decided this week that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict manslaughter.
  • Police brutality is a huge topic of resentment, and the nation is hoping for justice with the next officer on trial next month.


US Drone Strike Kills Extremist Taliban Leader, His Replacement is Not What We’d Hoped…

  • Over the weekend, a US drone strike killed the leader of the Afghan Taliban in a remote area of Pakistan.
  • It targeted Mullah Mansour, the terror group’s no. 1.
  • The US has been helping Afghanistan fight the Taliban for years, and has recently been trying to enable a peace agreement between the terror group and the government.
  • The purpose was to eliminate Mansour, who vehemently declined negotiations with the government, in hopes that a more reasonable leader would step forward.
  • Whelp, his replacement is a man named Haibatullah Akhundzada– one of Mansour’s deputies known for his extreme views.
  • A for effort, America.


Flight 804 Crash is Result of “Catastrophic Failure”:

  • The 66-person EgyptAir flight went down in the Mediterranean last week on its way from Paris to Cairo.
  • Naturally, officials’ first reaction was terrorism. But over the weekend, data from the flight leaked and showed there were signs of smoke in one of the bathrooms just before the plane lost altitude.
  • This information means there was a “catastrophic failure.”
  • Some wreckage and belongings were pulled out of the water off the Egyptian coast.


Devastating News for the Dairy Market:

  • In a recent interview with The Guardian, Kelis–singer of “Milkshake”– revealed she has never actually had a milkshake in her life.
  • We’re offering support groups and therapy sessions for all who feel like their whole life is a lie.
  • Our thoughts and good vibes are with you. <3


The Bachelorette Returns: 

  • Get your brackets ready, your boxing gloves on, and your “Is he straight?” questions loaded.
  • The most anticipated season of The Bachelorette ever aired this Monday, and we are eating this drama up!
  • But can we just say… they’re not Ben. </3


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