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The Senate is giving Obama the cold shoulder, the primaries are becoming more and more like a movie of teenage angst, and Ben finally broke our friggin’ hearts. Find out how it all happened in this week’s gist.


Do we have a new President yet?

  • A few more states held primary elections this Tuesday including Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. Trump and Clinton pulled out the W in Florida.
  • That victory proved to be an enormous loss for Marco Rubio, who pulled out of the race shortly after the results were in – but not without a great speech:

  • Let’s crunch some numbers. In order for a candidate to officially win the primaries, he/she needs 1,237 delegate votes to win. In Republican land, Trump is leading with 643, then Cruz with 411, followed by Kasich with 143.
  • The argument is, if Trump doesn’t reach the 1,237 but is still leading, should he get the ticket? The Republican establishment thinks not, and is supporting a potential “contested convention,” which is basically a last minute re-vote where delegates get a free-for-all to vote for whichever candidate they want rather than sticking to their first choice.
  • A contested convention means votes could potentially be bribed and bought. It will get messy. Trump supporters are claiming it’s an unfair, outdated concept, and that the majority of votes should win fair and square.
  • Trump is “threatening riots” if this happens; he thinks his supporters will feel cheated and may lash out.
  • Only time, and every media outlet that has ever existed, will tell.


Obama is full of surprises

  • Wednesday, Obama announced his nomination to replace Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court bench.
  • The Republican majority Senate has maintained that they would not even interview any nominee Obama sent their way.
  • Then, Obama threw a curve ball and nominated Marrick Garland – a previously approved Republican justice nominee.
  • Not only is the Washington D.C. judge completely qualified, but he’s also fairly moderate.
  • Democrats in the Senate are now pushing back at Republicans, saying they plan to go after the vulnerable Republicans. (Senators need to be reelected every six years, and their terms are staggered so that 1/3 of the Senate is up for reelection every 2 years.)
  • Democrats are planning on targeting the Senators who don’t have the strongest possibility of reelection, and will advertise those Senators not fulfilling their duties unless they’re on board to consider Obama’s nominee.
  • This is also incredibly important because, by not considering Obama’s moderate nominee, they are saying they believe the next president will be a Republican. Considering how the primaries are going, that maaay not be the wisest bet.
  • All paths considered, if the next president is, in fact, a democrat (projected to be Clinton) that means a very liberal nominee from her. In which case the Senate would be forced to eventually approve.


UVA Student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea:

  • On Thursday, a University of Virginia student, Otto Frederick Warmbier, was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea.
  • He was accused of stealing a political banner from a hotel.
  • The United States claimed the ruling is “unduly harsh” and asked for his pardoning.
  • Wambier was arrested January 2nd, 2016 as was about to board a plane out of the country. He was traveling with a China-based tour group in Pyongyang.
  • The trial apparently only lasted 1 hour.
  • Analysts say judging by the outlandish sentence for such an accusation, North Korea is using Wombier’s detainment as leverage with the U.S.
  • Looking at sentencing and releases of former U.S. prisoners, experts hope Wambier will be released in as soon as 6 months.


One fish, two fish, Blackfish, no new fish:

  • SeaWorld has officially announced that they will no longer breed killer whales, which means you did it! Your “Save The Whales” bumper sticker finally worked!
  • This stems off of their recent decision to phase out orca shows at the San Diego location as a result of that little documentary called, “Blackfish.”
  • Although there are still orcas being used, SeaWorld wants to steer away from theatrical shows, and instead focus on natural encounters.
  • When confronted about the 29 orcas currently in captivity at SeaWorld, the company’s president said their release has never been an option, as they wouldn’t survive. Baby steps are victories, too.


Flint, Michigan Water Crisis – a classic he said, she said:

  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Administrator Gina McCarthy testified in front of the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.
  • Gov. Snyder was grilled over his lack of response, admittance of fault, and negligent actions that resulted in the lead poisoning of so may children in Flint, Michigan.
  • To jog your memory, the deliberate switch to Flint’s water source through old lead pipes has caused lead-poisoned water to harm children and families for almost a year now.
  • Following faulty testing and ignored complaints, Gov. Snyder and Admin. McCarthy had a lot of explaining to do.
  • In a nutshell, Gov. Snyder said he wasn’t consistently briefed on the issue, they should have done some things differently, he doesn’t want to resign, and this wasn’t entirely his fault. Needless to say, this is a tough crowd who wants someone to take responsibility. Wrong move, Governor.


It’s time for March Madness, or, in other words, “Hide your computer from your boss”:

  • Brackets, 5-dollar bill glory, and huge men fighting about the skill level of 19 year-olds. Ah, spring.
  • Starting with 68 teams, the NCAA basketball tournament is the platform for college basketball players to prove they’re worthy of the NBA.
  • For the past 3 years, UConn has dominated the women’s March Madness, which starts with 64 teams.
  • Fans around the country, including the POTUS himself, create brackets to predict who will beat whom in each match-up, and who will take home the hardware.
  • So far, the odds are against you. Affluent fans offer millions of dollars to the perfect bracket, really showing off what gets you paid in America.
  • Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your basket.


True Life: The Bachelor Finale made me break my TV:

  • This Monday, hearts all ‘round the world broke along with Jojo’s in the season finale of The Bachelor.
  • Ben’s reputation from the show has been impeccable, being dubbed as “the best bachelor” in Bachelor history.
  • However…Ben told two girls (the last two finalists) that he was in love with them. BOTH OF THEM.

  • America was falling for Jojo– she was the best friend he fell in love with. But thankfully, America liked Lauren B. too – the inoffensive, cute, blonde flight attendant who loved Ben just as much.
  • When we realized that Ben was about to break Jojo’s heart (right before popping the question to Lauren B.) we all but jumped inside our TV and down his throat.
  • In a well-deserved twist, Jojo was announced the next Bachlorette! Yay for more Monday nights full of polygamous dating, too much wine, and lots of tears.

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