Everything We Know About ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

Angela Samartano
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One more month!

On Friday, June 9, Netflix brings back our favorite inmates with Season 5 of “Orange Is The New Black.” Piper and the Litchfield crew are back after a serious cliffhanger leaving us amidst a full-blown riot following the death of the beloved character, Poussey. At the center of the riot, we find Daya (Dascha Polanco), an inmate stricken with postpartum depression, pointing a gun at CO Humphrey (Michael Torpey) with a roar of cheers from fellow inmates. The ending scene leaves us with a did she? or didn’t she?-moment that has yet to be answered.

The season 5 trailer alludes that the ladies of Litchfield having more power than ever, demanding justice for the death of their fallen friend and fighting for their rights as humans. With Mr. Caputo (Nick Sandow) clearly in over his head, the inmates protest the abusive conditions of the correctional facility. The trailer alone is a two-and-a-half minute emotional rollercoaster that leaves you immediately needing to fill in the blanks of the entire season.

What we do know about Season 5 of “Orange Is The New Black” is that it will take place “in real-time over the course of three days” following the death of Poussey. (Which, by the way, I’m still not over. RIP girl.)  Major girl-crush Ruby Rose will be returning as troublemaker inmate Stella Carlin, and brief lover to Alex, although she was last seen in maximum security.

Recently, there was a leak to Wikipedia of the episodes for Season 5. (Click here for spoilers!) Without giving anything away in the final weeks before the season releases, you may see more of the minor characters from last season step into the spotlight during the upcoming one. The source of the leak is still unknown, however, Netflix did release a statement noting “the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved” which leads us to believe that the OITNB wikileaks are v real! So, if you really can’t wait until June 9, check it out before the episode descriptions are potentially removed.

Whatever drama goes down in Litchfield this season, we at least know Netflix has already commissioned for seasons six and seven in conjunction with the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan.