No Time For A Shower? Lady Grooming Tips For The TMI Topics

Stevi Incremona
Stevi graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. When she's not auditioning and running around New York, she's escaping to her original home at the Jersey Shore and most definitely lying on a beach somewhere equidistant between the ocean and tiki bar. She's a coffee snob, craft beer enthusiast, technology nerd, and obviously (most importantly) has a very real addiction to buying and trying affordable beauty products.

Alright, so if you’re reading this you’re probably a girl that likes to take care of herself, make yourself look presentable, and be fresh and clean like…90 percent of the time. While it’s the easiest (and most fun) thing in the world to get advice about makeup trends, hair tutorials and skin care, there’s a whole other side of your lady life no one really talks about. I’m going to talk to you right now about some things I’ve only ever talked about before while seriously under the influence, or in the middle of a particularly taxing serving shift. After reading this you will know too much information about me, and I’m choosing to be okay with it.

Refresh Yourself.

If you can’t make time in your life to shower, then I’m judging you and I want you to stop reading this. If you find that after a super long day of hustling around, you’re not as fresh as you were when you last bathed yourself in your coconut sunrise shower gel this morning, I’m feeling you. Recently the deodorant brand, Ban, released a product called the Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths – $5. They come in a small purse friendly, resealable pack and are pre-moistened with some kind of product that wipes away your grossness, creates some kind of cooling sensation, and then leaves your skin with a fresh scent. Use it all over your body EXCEPT for your face and your more… delicate areas because they’re not created to be gentle. If you do happen to be in the market for a solution to a lack of freshness “down south” (oh just kill me there’s no good way to say it), I recommend Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths that come in ready-to-go singles you can throw in your makeup bag real inconspicuous-like.


Bikini Line Realness.

Yo this isn’t at all glamorous. Something needs to be done down there and waxing all the time get’s real expensive real quick. So in the in-between when you’re just trying to maintain, you can use these products to stay as far away from, what is actually completely natural, as possible. Just like we like it…?

  • Prior to shaving, use an exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells around the hair follicles. This will enable you to get a closer shave.
  • When shaving, use a product like Bikini Zone’s Anti Bumps Shave Gel -$6 to keep things smooth.
  • After you get out of the shower, pat dry. Don’t rub! Friction can irritate the skin and lead to a visible razor burn.
  • Follow up your shaving routine by pouring some Tend Skin – $15 on to a cotton round and wiping it over the area. This product will work to fight ingrown hairs.


Stanky Legg > Stanky Self

You should, for sure, know the importance of deodorant at this point in your life if you’re reading this article from a screen on a technological device you’re adequately operating. If not, someone has failed you in a big way. The obvious correct deodorant use is applying it to your freshly cleaned body post-shower (I’m a big fan of the Secret Clinical Deodorant line). But, sometimes you need a touch up throughout the day cause you’re beginning to smell not so cute. If you’ve used one of those badass refresher pads, then you’re clean and you can go ahead and use your stick deodorant on your fresh skin. However, I’ve always felt super weird about reapplying my deodorant to slightly sweaty and icky underarms. It feels like it’s going to ruin my deodorant for future use. So, I’ve recently picked up an aerosol can deodorant. It’s so easy to spray under my arms, it dries immediately, refreshes instantly, and doesn’t have to come into physical contact with my pits. Woo! I’m currently loving the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant – $6 in the cucumber scent cause it smells like summer, brah. 

dancing animated GIF


Lady stach Sitch.

Okay so it’s not like, the cutest thing to talk about, but peach fuzz on your face is a super real thing. And while some people have to battle it in a much more aggressive way than others, for the most part, all of us ladies have to find a way to handle our potential lady mustache situations. If you have super dark hair but you’re not down to remove it, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Jolen Creme Bleach – $5 kit for lightening facial hair. I’m not so much about letting the peach fuzz chill with me though. I find that sometimes makeup gets caught in it and creates a weird mustache situation that is neither feminine nor coveted. So, I take that shit off. I’m a big fan of the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit for Face $7 that comes with both the remover and a calming lotion to follow. It only takes about four minutes for the entire process, really couldn’t be easier, and honestly just works.

Happy grooming!