EDM Powerhouse MOTi On What Inspires Him To Make Music


During Miami Music Week, I had the opportunity to interview the Dutch DJ from Amsterdam, MOTi. We chatted about his creative process in the studio and what he loves most about producing. His impressive talents continue to make an impact on EDM culture with his versatile music that never disappoints. Check out the full interview below.


How’s Miami Music Week treating you so far?

MOTI: Pretty good! I came in yesterday, I went out, and here I am today enjoying the beautiful beach and good music.


How important do you think Sirius XM is to WMC?

MOTI: I think it is super important, every year there’s always new and big events to see.

What is your favorite part about working in the music industry?

MOTI: I’m just doing my hobby. It’s my work so that’s the most fun thing about it.


How would you describe your creative process? What’s the vibe like while you’re in the studio?

MOTI: I just do whatever feels right. I usually start with a beat and then I make another beat and I see where it goes and I take it from there!

Outside of music where do you find your inspiration?

MOTI: My environment and where you are. You can find inspiration here in Miami just enjoying the beautiful beach and the weather.


So glamour and fame aside, what do you get out of your music? Why do you do it?

MOTI: I enjoy making music; it’s my hobby. I’m not making it for other people, it’s for myself, but if someone else’s likes it great.


Which online platform gets you the most fan engagement?

MOTI: I would say Spotify. A lot has changed. And Spotify is the biggest in the game right now.


So what do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

MOTI: I think about music and how I want to change it and make it better. When I drive home from the studio, I reflect and think about what I should change, what should stay the same.


If you could get rid of one U.S. state which would it be and why?

MOTI: Terrible question! I don’t want to get into fights with people, but if I had to choose I would say Texas.


What distracts you in the crowd? Anything?

MOTI: When people get upset about a track and look at me shaking their head. I hate that!