Eating 100 Doughnuts In 2016: The 3 Tastiest Doughnuts I Ate In May

It’s been five months since I’ve embarked on this journey and May seemed to speed on by with such force that I now find myself afraid I’ll have the latter half of the year to severely up my doughnut count, or be forced (okay, not forced) to eat an unspeakable amount by December.

But summer’s coming, and with that comes friends and doughnut dates, so here’s to hoping the sunshine frees up my weekends enough to get me back on track. In the spirit of positivity, here are my top picks of May:


Top Shop: Holey Cream



I spent one of the first sunny days of the season getting lost in the city, and found myself heading into Holey Cream — an adoughrable shop that combines my two loves: doughnuts and ice cream!

Since I ventured inside midday, the tiny spot was empty, but the bright art on the walls were happy and welcoming. This place gave customers an array of different ice cream flavors and doughnut toppings to choose from, allowing diners to customize their order. I’m so indecisive so a menu of popular, suggested combinations to choose from would have been nice. Since that wasn’t an option, I went with my gut (quite literally) and selected the combination that looked best. Once I made a decision (10 years later), the very patient man behind the counter cut my doughnut in half like a bagel, filled it with my chosen ice cream and toppings. Although I couldn’t even finish half of my order, I loved this spot, especially its outdoor and indoor seating areas.

I will doughfinitely be back later this summer!


Third place favorite dough: Tiramisu croissant doughnut from Donut Pub



This doughnut/croissant hybrid was super rich, sweet and the perfect midnight snack. Donut Pub never fails to doughsappoint with their croissant doughnuts, and this beauty was no exception. Although it was a little heavy, the tiramisu was doughlicious and the croissant was perfectly crispy, making it to the third top spot of the month!


Second place favorite dough: Cider doughnut from The Hard Cider Run



I sold my soul to the Hard Cider Run, my first 5K, in early May, and opted to be handed a doughnut at each mile marker (the real reason I ran, let’s be honest). These cider doughnuts were soft and warm. It doughfinitely helped fuel me to the finish line.


First place favorite dough: Café au lait doughnut from Dough



I spent the Saturday of my Memorial Day weekend at Smorgasburg’s Williamsburg location and picked up a café au lait doughnut from the infamous Dough. Between the view and the chew, this doughnut’s warm, gooey goodness helped me welcome summer in the best way possible, taking the top pick of the month.

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