Eating 100 Donuts In 2016: The 3 Best Donuts I Devoured In March

It’s been three months since I’ve committed to stuffing myself with approximately two doughnuts a week for 52 consecutive weeks. Now that a quarter of the year has officially come and gone, I can safely say I’ve developed a bit of an adoughction. Yes, you heard me. My name is Suzy and I’m a doughnutholic. It’s real, it’s true, and I doughnut plan on curbing it anytime soon.

March brought me to some great places, including Time Out New York’s very own Doughfest held at Marquee New York on March 19. I rolled in with my mom in tow — she had an amazing time at her very first doughnut festival. Out of several vendors offering samples during the day’s events, my personal holey grail was the brown butter and sea salt doughnut from David Burke Kitchen. This bite-sized savory yeast treat was absolutely to dough for, and I can’t wait to continue to immerse myself in some new spots and sweet doughs this month. But in the meantime, here are my top picks of March:

Doughfest2 (1)


Top Shop: Doughology

I’d seen this spot all over Instagram for a while now, but since it’s located in Lynbrook, Long Island, it’s a bit of a pain to get to. Luckily, I have an easily-bribeable Aunt, so with the promise of a brunch meal on me in tow, we packed up the car and set out on a journey of doughlectible proportions. This spot was not only adoughrable, packed and super cozy, but it included a doughnut bar where customers could create their own treat and a menu of preselected sweets to choose from. The staff was super welcoming and helpful, and I truly felt like I was in the presence of trained doughologists!


Third Place Favorite Dough: S’mores doughnut from Doughology

As a sleepaway camp veteran, I’m a sucker for a good s’more. This beauty had the makings of the perfect treat. From the chocolate glaze and mini marshmallows to the graham cracker crumbs, it brought me right back to my summer days, making me a very happy camper and leaving me wanting s’more and s’more!



Second Place Favorite Dough: Passion fruit doughnut from Underwest Donuts

I was first introduced to this beauty during Time Out New York’s Doughfest, and I fell so hard, I trekked all the way to the Hudson River to snag myself a full-sized one. This dough’s passion fruit is flavor-packed with the perfect amount of tang and warmed up with the chocolate nibs on top. This dough’s layered flavors made it anything but one-doughmensional, making it March’s second favorite treat!



First Place Favorite Dough: Carrot cake doughnut from Doughnut Plant

Doughkay. I can’t even express how impressed I was with Doughnut Plant’s ability to replicate the multiple layers of flavor needed to achieve the perfect carrot cake — much less in doughnut form. This cake doughnut had the perfect consistency: Soft but not overly delicate, and its carrot cake glaze and filling really elevated the dough. I doughnut carrot all what people think, this was my absolute favorite dough of the month!