Drool-Worthy Pics And Tips To Get The Best Thai Food Fix In Bangkok

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Cat Lau is the author of the blog Fat Cat Eats. She has watched Ratatouille so many times that she has decided to go to cooking school in Paris next year. When she’s not eating and traveling, she’s playing with her three Boston Terriers puppies in Thailand, where she lives.

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. And now, I’m back for a few months and it feels great! I never get enough time here, but I promised myself I’d explore my hometown city and revisit my favorite meals!

The best way to get your Thai food fix is to find a street with lots of food stalls and hop from one to another. I do this all the time with my friends and it’s so much fun to taste a little of everything. Here are a few dishes that you have to try when your backpacking, traveling, or already living in Thailand!


Coconut Water

Fat Cat Tip: Coconut water makes for a perfect drink to help you get through the city’s humidity (and get you through a hangover). If you have the choice, pick coconuts that have a brown husk – that means that they’ve been roasted in a fire, equating to sweeter coconut water. You can also get the vendors to scrape the coconut meat out for you, too!

Coconut Water


Kanom Jeen Nam Ya (Rice noodles with fish curry)

Fat Cat Tip: Unsure of what fish curry is? It’s a spicy curry that is super fragrant from the lemon grass, galangal (a root plant that is related to ginger but has a milder and sweeter flavor), and grachai (wild ginger), which gives the curry its unique taste.

Kanom Jeen Nam Ya


Kuay Toaw Nam (Thai noodle soup)

Fat Cat Tip: There are so many versions of noodles combined with specialty soups. Whether it be an egg noodle soup with fish balls, or rice noodles in pork blood broth, you should try all of them!

Kuay Toaw Nam


Pad See Eiw Mee Krob (Stir fried crispy egg noodles)

Fat Cat Tip: You’ve probably seen this Thai favorite on the menu at your local Thai restaurant, but chances are you’ve had it with various types of rice noodles as opposed to egg noodles. The crispy egg noodles add a different texture so be sure to take notice of this!

Pad See Eiw Mee Krob


Pad Thai

Fat Cat Tip: You don’t know Pad Thai until you’ve had it here. You can find this dish anywhere in Thailand. Some food courts in malls do them pretty well, but the key is to look for a big wok on top of a crazy hot flame — the result is a smoky and fragrant dish.

Pad Thai


Khao Na Moo Dang (barbecue pork over rice)

Fat Cat Tip: You will see many versions of “Khao Na” in Thailand which basically means “any one-plate-dish over rice.” The barbecue pork is slightly sweet and served with mouth-watering gravy.

Khao Na Moo Dang


Toasted Bread

Fat Cat Tip: This doesn’t sound very Thai, but trust me when I say that Thailand loves a good slice of thick and toasty bread slathered with toppings from condensed milk to pandan custard.

Toasted Bread


Khanom Buang (crispy pancakes topped with meringue and coconut)

Fat Cat Tip: You’ll find little stalls on the streets of Bangkok selling these delicious snacks. Make sure to get them hot and crispy, just as they’re coming off the hot griddle.

Khanom Buang


Ice Cream

Fat Cat Tip: You’ll find special flavors like coconut cream, Thai tea and jackfruit. We also like to get creative with how we serve ice cream…as you can see.

Ice cream


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