100 Doughnuts In 2016 Challenge: The 3 Best Doughnuts I Discovered This January

I’ve been rolling in the dough for a whole month already and my world has definitely gotten a lot sweeter, both literally and figuratively.

Besides chowing down on two doughnuts a week, people from all corners of my life have emerged, interested in becoming a part of this project. I didn’t realize a silly little goal would warrant this much camaraderie, but alas. It’s been so much fun to scope out spots either alone or with friends and family and treat myself to some goodies.

February is already flying by, but I’m excited to explore some new spots and unique flavor profiles in the weeks and months to come. I went to New York’s first Donut Fest in Williamsburg on January 23, which included a tasting of several amazing doughnuts — my personal favorite was the cannoli doughnut from a place based in Millford, New Jersey called Glaze Donuts — and an introduction to some great new locations to check out.




This month, I’ve clocked in at seven different doughnuts, all incredibly unique and different. I’ve loved them all equally, but there have definitely been some holey grails and, on the other end, some holey fails. In the spirit of positivity, here are my top picks of January.


Top Shop: Doughnut Plant

Out of the five locations dotted around the city (three in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens), I’ve only been to the location in Chelsea, located on West 23rd street between 7th and 8th avenues. This spot was adorable from the doughnut throw pillows hanging on the wall to the cute little doughnut-shaped tables and merch stations. Although I found out the hard way that getting there a good amount of time before close is the best way to ensure a hefty selection, whatever treat I was able to snag ended up being just delicious. The warm service plus the festive ambiance makes this spot my top shop of the month.



Third Place Favorite Dough: Mint triple chocolate cake doughnut from Doughnut Plant

This cake doughnut was just as adorable as it was delicious. The consistency made this dessert soft enough to enjoy but not too soft to fall apart after the first bite-down. I was afraid that the triple chocolate cake would have been too rich for my blood, but it was absolutely perfect, and the mint glaze on top helped cool down the sweetness and add some dimension to the flavor. This third place winner was far from being a doughsappointmint!



Second Place Favorite Dough: Dulce de Leche doughnut from Dough Doughnuts

This yeast doughnut was simply amazing. Although it was the size of my face, I was able to finish it without feeling sickeningly full afterward. The dulce de leche glaze on top was sweet and delectable, but not overwhelmingly so, and the toasted almonds on top helped cut the sweetness, making it this month’s runner up.



First Place Favorite Dough: Hibiscus doughnut from Dough Doughnuts

The real star of the month was this hibiscus beauty. When I got it, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too heavy or sweet, so I opted for this one, and it was exactly what I kneaded. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this tangy and refreshing dough ended up being this month’s holey grail!


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