DiRTY RADiO: How This Canadian Trio Is Killing It With Their Unique Electronic Sound

Since 2010 the electronic trio DiRTY RADiO has reached a massive success, from Vancouver and the U.S. I asked them what their plans for 2016-2017 was and  their responses got me excited.

It definitely builds up hype not knowing what’s to come but knowing that there will be new hits and collabs. With alternative, indie, hip-hop, and electronic sounds, I found this eclectic band while flipping through Pandora. I paused for a minute, thought to myself, “I’m feeling this.”

The first song I heard, “Numbers,” happened to be their #1 hit in Canada. It only got better from there with their latest release of the year “Killin me 2.0.”

Listen to DiRTY RADiO and read more on what’s in the works for the trio:

20something: How have you grown your fan base in America since you’re from Vancouver?

DiRTY RADiO: It’s been a challenge, but thankfully platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud exist to reach larger audiences. Soundcloud has connected us with a number of amazing international producers that have featured our collaborations on different labels worldwide. We’ve also been added on a number of excellent YouTube channels and blogs outside of Canada.

What are your plans from the end of 2016 going into 2017?

DR: More original releases, new collabs, and playing as many shows as humanly possible ☺

What has been your most memorable experience in your career?

DR: Everything from hearing our music on the radio for the first time to watching Skrillex spin a five-hour sunrise DJ set at his Coachella house party. Then there’s so many shows that have been memorable… like when we got to play the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto for example. There’s really too many to choose.

If you weren’t DJs what would you be and why?

DR: DJing is an only small part of what we do. We’re producers and musicians and performers, so music will always be a part of what we’re working on.

How long do you see yourself producing and dJing for?

DR: Forever and always. We know at the very least Waspy will definitely be throwing DJ nights at the old peoples home 40 years from now.

How do you guys stay humble and grounded?

DR: We all keep each other in check and it helps that we’ve been working together for a while now.

Which online platform gets you the most fan engagement?

DR: Right now it’s a combination of Soundcloud and Spotify.

How did you come up with the name “DiRTY RADiO”?

DR: We’ve honestly been asked this question so many times now that we’ve forgotten.


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