Diplo and Skrillex Spill On The Animal That Inspired Beiber’s Latest Hit

Sofia Pack
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So, Jack Ü, also known as Skrillex and Diplo, attended the American Music Awards on Sunday night.


While on the red carpet, in between teaching everyone in sight how to “dab” and being their typical Diplo and Skrillex-y selves, they stopped for an interview with E! correspondent Terrance J.


When asking about their logistics of the nominated hit with comeback kid Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now?”, Terrance suggested that the signature beat was created with the help of a dolphin.


Skrillex and Diplo played along and launched into an incredibly awkward and lengthy anecdote about how #Jefferythedolphin played such a crucial role in the existence of the track.


They explained how they swam with him and recorded his majestic dolphin noises.


They then flew him to America.


And apparently the Biebz performs better when he’s around.


It went downhill from there on out.


You can now follow him on Twitter for updates on his daily life: @jeffthadolphin
No, seriously. He now has a Twitter.

Watch the whole uncomfortable yet amazing encounter for yourself: