Designer Wish List: What I’d Buy At Barney’s If I Had Some Serious Cash

Lindsey Washington
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So let’s just check out from reality for a moment and pretend that you won the amazing $1.5 billion Powerball. You’re were finally settling into your new life, paid off all your bills, student loans, bought that amazing townhouse in the West Village and landscaped the yard. Now all that’s left is an extra couple hundred million to spend on clothes, food, home accessories, a plane, whatever. I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time imaging (and making wish lists) about what and where I would spend my money. When I stroll down Fifth Avenue (which is never because I live in the East Village) I always stop in front of Barney’s and imagine what it would be like to waltz in with my Bank of America debit card and drop a couple stacks (for those of you living under a rock stacks = serious cash). Barney’s would be my first, last and only stop on this ‘design my life’ tour.

I think it’s time to share.


1. Shoes

I know for most people the first thing they look at or notice is the face, but for me it’s all about the shoes and what better ones to buy than a classic Louboutin. These Marlenalta platform pumps are a reasonable $1,045 and are about 5 1/2 inches, meaning they’re perfect for church, weddings and, of course, Sunday brunch!

Screen_Shot_2016-05-20_at_3.14.16_PM (1)


I don’t want to discriminate, so for those of you who don’t have an extra grand laying around there’s always this alternative. The fiery red Victorina Pumps, which come in at a budget friendly $845.



2. Jumpers

I’m also assuming that I won’t be working and can wear whatever I please, so I’m putting on JUMPERS. It’s like wearing PJ’s but in public, they’re super cute, comfortable and when they have pockets are basically like God’s gift. I’ve picked out a few below for various occasions.

The Rag & Bone Gigi Romper — $395: For times when you wanna be casual but still shine on the hoes.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-20_at_3.38.05_PM (1)


I love Rag & Bone, but they are so expensive. The only thing I ever owned was a pair of jeans I got from a sample sale after I lost 10 pounds. Needless to say I gained the 10 pounds plus five more and can’t wear them. RIP Rag & Bone.

L’agence crêpe de chine olivia jumpsuit – $495: For the times that you don’t want to be casual and shine on everyone. Also please note that both pairs of shoes can be worn with both jumpers, although I would suggest against wearing an all red outfit. You can really do whatever you want when your outfit costs more than rent.



3. Handbags

Now to my favorite part…the handbags. Usually I like to carry/purchase large handbags, I see a major correlation between how large a handbag is and how much I spend on it, which is why I don’t have a lot of small bags. However, this is my fantasy so small bags for everyone!

Enter the holy trinity:

Saint Laurent Monogram Kate — $1,990


Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet — $1,275

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.53.08 AM


Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet — $1,550

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.53.53 AM


4. Jewelry

What would an outfit be without the jewelry? I would definitely keep it simple with this and don’t want to shine too hard. I’ve actually been lusting after this Balenciaga piece for a while but cannot justify spending $275 on something I could buy in SoHo for $25.

Balenciaga Arena Giant Bracelet — $275




I’m also really feeling this gold cuff bracelet — it’s kind of like a cartier — you can get me off unless you have a special screw vibe, but $1,000 cheaper.

Miansai Screw Cuff bracelet — $215



5. Home Goods

Now that we’ve gotten the outfit out of the way I really want to focus on the home. Since this is where the bulk of your money is going to go it’s important to pay close attention.

Mepra Due “Ice Oro” flatware — $150

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.58.42 AM


I am personally a huge fan of gold silverware, if that makes sense. I love it. I think it’s classic, beautiful and no matter what you’re eating it makes you look fancy. Even if it’s 69 cent ramen.

The whole entire Marc Blackwell collection of various drinkware and don’t worry each one only costs $75 each.



Also I think I would need this Thomas Fuchs Skull cheeseboard for $358, because why not?

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.00.36 AM


And to really keep it all in the family I would throw in this Marble skull ice bucket as well for $650.


To all my friends: Please feel free to consider this as my Christmas, birthday and Easter wish list and will gladly accept these presents at any time during the year if you don’t feel like waiting until December.

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