Design The Room Of Your Dreams With Just These 6 Simple Steps

A room can be very significant in your daily life. Rooms are where we eat, where we sleep and where we spend all of our time at home. Designing the room of your dreams will be a blast if you do it right.

Put your heart into it and really think about what you want to improve — maybe it’s your kitchen, or your bedroom. Whatever room you’re designing to fulfill your desires, follow these six steps and you’ll have the room of your dreams in no time.

1. Décor


Even if you have no idea how you want to decorate your room, you must start somewhere with the design. Close your eyes and imagine the room you want to design. What’s on the walls? Is there a theme? The décor of a room is vital to really creating a room you’ll love, and stay in love with. To make a room more than just a space, get specific with your décor.

Maybe you have a passion or a hobby. Utilize what matters most to you when it comes to the room décor. Look up how to DIY something you’ve always wanted to put in your house. Search around for the best pricing on items you absolutely need to make your room perfect. Most importantly, don’t hold back! Do everything you want to do with the décor of this room. You’ll thank yourself in the end.


2. Layout  

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

Before you go all “demo day” and tear the room apart, plan it out. A room is much more than just four walls and a door. Think about what you want in the room, and where it should go. Consider the purpose of a room, and what steps you need to take to make it just that. More importantly, give yourself a plan of action.

Put your personality into it! Again, think about how you can incorporate your hobbies that into the room. If you collect antiques, hang some as decorations. Before you do anything to the room, plan it out in your head. Make as many changes as you want until it becomes perfect in your mind.


3. Color 


Here’s the truth — you can go very wrong with choosing a paint color. The wrong color can throw off the entire room and all of its design elements. To pick the right color for a room, do your research. The color of a room can have a major effect on you. Different colors can make you feel different things. Get a few tester colors so you can see which one you like best. Test the lighting out, making sure you’ve seen the colors in both natural and fluorescent lighting. Lastly, consider the finish. Matte and gloss have very different effects on the color as well. You want to make sure you have the best color in order to make the room perfect.


4. Furniture 

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Maybe you believe in “feng shui” and maybe you don’t, but I believe the energy that flows throughout a room is affected by the layout of the furniture. Depending on how you want the room to look and feel, you can arrange your furniture accordingly. What do you want the focal point of the room to be? Do you want an open concept or cozy feel? It may take you a few tries to figure out which arrangement works best for your room. If that seems like too much effort for you, draw it out. Get out of your comfort zone. Change things up and try something new. You will find the perfect layout to your dream room if you dedicate the time to try out options.


5. Lighting 


Note to yourself how many windows are in the room. Consider how much natural light fills the room. This will help you determine where, and how many lights you should add to the room. Keep in mind lighting tips when you make your plan of action. You don’t want the room to have too much light, but there are ways to control this. Add a dimmer switch to provide mood lighting when needed, and brightness when it’s too dark. Place lamps in the darker corners that normally don’t get light from the windows. A well-lit room will help you to be most comfortable in your new and improved space.


6. Budget


 The most important thing to making your room perfect is to stick to the budget. Decide how much you want to spend, and run that by what you think you can afford. Try to keep your decorating and decisions in line with your budget. If you have a low budget, find cheap, easy decorating ideas that can still jazz up your dream room. If you see something you like, look up a DIY version of it. This will allow you to have your dream décor, and even put your personality into it to really make the room unique.


A room can become a sacred place. It can be a place you go to as an escape. It can be a place where you want your friends and family to sit and enjoy time together. Whichever way you choose to design your room, make it your own. No matter what room it is you want to design to be your dream room, follow these tips and you won’t be disappointed!