Dare To Stand Out This Season: Best Bold Lipsticks For Fall

Fall is here, and we all know what that means — LAYERS! Seasonal clothing can look uniform, with flannels and neutral tones blending everyone together. Rather than let the muted colors get you down, use it as an opportunity to let your makeup stand out – particularly your lipstick. I picked out a few of my favorite brands that will let you pop in a sea of people, even when it’s grey outside and you are all bundled up!


Lime Crime

I swear by all things Lime Crime. I don’t like anything more than I like these lipsticks. If creamy lipsticks are your thing, their Unicorn Lipstick provides you with an array of colors, ranging from Easter egg shades to vampy shimmers. The special product Lime Crime provides that I can’t get enough of though are their Velvetines: a liquid to matte lipstick. Easy to apply with a wand applicator, the Velvetines pack a staying power that I’ve never seen before. Eat a burger, drink a glass of wine, or just live your life for 10 hours – the Velvetines will still be on in full force. With so many incredible, hyper pigmented colors to chose from, you can’t go wrong.

Best shade (disclaimer: that means the shades I prefer, I have olive skin and brown hair): Salem, the dark witchy brown is my fall favorite. For a lighter shade, I love Faded, a pinkish grey.


Buy them on their website or in select Urban Outfitters locations.



I stumbled across this line on Instagram a few years back and have gathered quite a selection since then. Run by none other than Rihanna’s makeup artist, Melt boasts loud, thick lipsticks with staying power. These crayola bright colors make a statement and will for sure help you get noticed! I own a handful of the shades and have been thrilled with them all. If you are looking for a great black lip, their “Bane” is in a league of its own!

Best shade: Space cake, a blue-grey that gives major alien vibes and Blow, a gorgeous forest green.


Available on their website.



A smaller brand, that I also stumbled across on Instagram, is run from the founder’s home in Maryland. They have a small selection, but have KILLER lipglosses. It’s the only gloss that I have found that maintains the shine factor of a gloss while still being hyper pigmented. Their glosses also have a mint flavor and scent, which is a fabulous touch! Colors are rare, so if you spot one you like–act fast!

Best shade: Seduction, a true vamp red (that’s also gooey shiny) and Daydream, a purple blue.


Available on their website.



This brand is incredible, offering a vast selection of glosses, stains and lipsticks in vibrant colors. Not only is their selection massive, it’s also the most affordable of the bold brands I’ve found, ranging from $6-$8 an item. This is the perfect brand if you want to dip a toe in the bold lip pool but aren’t ready to commit to the specialty prices. Try any shade you want with their amazing prices! Out of the styles available, I recommend the Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks or the Simply Vamp Lip Cream sticks.

Best shade: Bruised, a deep velvet lipstick and Sinful, a dark metallic blue lipstick.

Available on their website or in select Randy’s stores.