The 12 Best Dance Videos On The Internet

Mikela Warman
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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live within the L.A. dance scene? These people drive the latest trends, the hottest music, the viral moves you know and emulate. They support every famous pop and hip-hip artist you can think of. They ooze cool.

Dancers are pretty much why joggers became hot, why baseball caps came back in style, and why retro Adidas returned in the best way.


There are thousands of dedicated allegiances as it relates to cult-followed choreographers, dancers, studios and crews. Aside from popular shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew,” social media has made this takeover easier than ever. YouTube has always been the most important platform to drive awareness of emerging dance groups — thus, I stalk it to find the best of the best.

Now, if we’re talkin’ teams, I currently choose Jade Chynoweth. This 17-year-old badass has taken dance videos by STORM.

Skilled videographers, like Tim Milgram, have also made their mark in the dance world as dynamic recorders of beyond imaginable choreo. They understand the art of dance, have the ability to get all up in the movement, and simply spread art in its most raw and natural form.

Now, I give you examples of key players to stalk. Search their names, subscribe to their channels, follow their socials, and become obsessed with dance culture just like moi. Share with your friends and enjoy!

Jade Chynoweth, dancer

Kaelynn Harris, dancer

Brian Friedman, choreographer (BONUS: Wait for Jade to kill it at 1:28)

WilldaBeast Adams, choreographer (BONUS: Dancing with fellow choreographer and current girlfriend Janelle Ginestra)

Janelle Ginestra, choreographer

Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala, dancers

Tricia Miranda, choreographer

Urban Dance Camp, crew

Nick DeMoura, choreographer

Ian Eastwood, choreographer

Tucker Barkley, choreographer

Millennium Dance Complex, studio