Eating Your Way Through Miami’s Croquetapalooza

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There are plenty of things people can do with their Sundays. They can run errands and knock out a solid to-do list. They could go to a boozy brunch and overdrink mimosas. Or they can watch Netflix to nurse their hangover from the night before.

Sunday is the day we hate to love during the week because it always seems to disappear so quickly when we need it so much. That’s why it’s always so important to make the most of your Sunday. And last weekend, for me, this involved eating my body weight in croquetas.


I introduce to you: Croquetapalooza

Now before you think I’ve gone loco, I want to assure you only the classiest people of Miami attended this event. I mean, clearly, since it was held at the loveliest of all venues: Magic City Casino.


If you’re still lost on what the event was, allow me to present Merriam Webster’s definition of croquette (from the French origin of the word croquer meaning “to crunch”): a small often rounded mass consisting usually of minced meat, fish, or vegetable coated with egg and bread crumbs and deep-fried.

Doesn’t the word “mass” just sound delectable? Yum.

After we got over the warm and welcoming scent of cigarette smoke and fried food at the entrance, we went to attack the first set of booths. We ate (or rather inhaled) about 5-6 croquetas each in less than five minutes.

At each booth we would ask each other, “what does that one taste like?” Each time one of us would look up, squint pretending to think, and say “croqueta.” Realistically I could not tell the chorizo from the crab, but I could tell I would probably regret it later.

After about 20 croquetas in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors we decided to take a quick gambling break. With my $2.50 I won at the Kitty Glitter penny slot machine I felt a lot better about the $35 ticket for the event.

Once back inside, it was time for round two. We found a booth with prosecco shots to cleanse our palettes, and naturally we just asked for the bottle. That booth got my vote, even though it was Larios on the Beach that went in for the win.

Congratulations to Larios on the Beach (@LariosOTB) on their win at the 2015 #Croquetapalooza Festival

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Throughout this experience, I tried all types of croquetas with different fillings or sauces: crab, ham, mac and cheese, chorizo, guava, cilantro, cherry, lime, but mostly I had a lot of “not sure what this is but I will eat it anyway.”

They also had some other treats like ice cream sandwiches with guava and cheesecake as well as rum punch and Tito’s Vodka samples. Needless to say it was an extremely healthy afternoon for me.

I could not tell you what my favorite flavor was because (to be honest) the biggest thing that I learned from this experience is that I don’t think I liked croquetas to begin with. But do I regret going? Absolutely not.

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