#CouplesWhoLift: Why You Should Try Acroyoga For Your Next Date Night

Kat Spangler
Kat Spangler is a personal trainer and owner of Eat N Run Fitness who has dedicated the last six years to growing her business and improving her skills at guiding others to achieve the life they want. Since opening her business in 2011, she has attained certifications in holistic health coaching, Zumba, Barre, and yoga. Ever the multitasker, she first gained training experience working at gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and interning with her sister and nationally recognized fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, while attending Chapman University for her BFA. After graduating and moving to Dallas, Kat worked as a trainer at Equinox and a server at R + D Kitchen, both while working towards building her own client base. She has been happily working as her own boss, doing what she loves, for the past two years.

Ever heard the quote, “Couples who train together remain together”? Well, the sentence that should be attached is, “Couples who train together remain training,” but you know… it’s not quite as catchy.

The point is, whether you want to keep your relationship fresh, fun and long lasting, or want to stay committed to your New Year’s resolution, finding fun in fitness with a partner is the best way to do it.

That’s why my boyfriend, Bryan, and I have decided to take on the challenge of finding exciting, fitness-related date ideas for you to try out each month with your significant other. Or heck, fly solo and meet a healthy hottie when you go. Being that Bryan asked me out while I was upside down in an acroyoga class, we thought “acro” would be the way to go for our first reported fitness outing.

First off, if you have never gone, don’t be intimidated. Even as a personal trainer, I was nervous going in, but I am so glad I didn’t let my fear stop me because I quickly realized it’s a class designed for people of all skill and strength levels.

Upon entering the class we were lovingly welcomed with a million hugs (which you will too if your studio is anything like The Yoga Movement here in Dallas). We were then led through a warm up of various boat, pike and plank poses that prepared our bodies for what the rest of class would require of us. Post warm up, the instructors took us through a series of poses, such as bird where my body was parallel to the floor with only my hips supported by Bryan’s feet, knee-to-foot where I was literally kneeling on his feet, and an inverted pike position where my shoulders were balanced on his hands with my legs and arms extended out in front of me for balance.

With each added pose they would demonstrate how we would thread them together to eventually create one long sequence called a washing machine (because by the time you cycle through all of the moves, you’re back to the first one and can start again creating a continuous chain of poses). Between each pose and transition that was taught, our groups of three to four were given the chance to practice, fall, laugh and high five as we finagled our way through.

Not only was this a fantastic workout that got us working on some serious core strength, flexibility and body awareness, but it was an engaging date. Trying these poses with a partner built communication, trust and a lot of “that’s what she said” jokes. Plus, whether you’ve been married for twenty years or you’re using this as an exceptional first date idea, it’s a nice way to add in some innocent (or not so innocent) flirtatious touching that you just don’t get with dinner and a movie.

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Kat Spangler

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