Countdown Of The Most Badass Music Videos Of All Time

Mahogany Bullock
Writer. NYC. ECU Grad.

By dropping her soon-to-be infamous “B*tch Better Have My Money” music video earlier this week, music superstar Rihanna has more than earned her star on the Badass Bitch Walk of Fame. If it wasn’t possible for a 7 minute video to become legendary only hours after it dropped before, then it definitely is now.

However, she’s not the first, or the only, badass chick to make her mark on pop culture with a short visual stint on YouTube (or TRL). As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that pop music’s current reigning queen of badass-dom found some inspiration in the following ladies. Regardless, she is still #1. Below is a timeline of bad bitches in music, making waves and taking no prisoners. Sorry boys, there was just no room for you.


12. TLC – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, 1991

Condoms as eye patches? Yea, TLC went there. They were one of the first girl groups to step on the toes of every conservative out there. Limits were a thing of the past in their eyes. They’ve got enough hits to fill a book, but this is one that takes the cake – mainly because of the misuse of condoms.


11. Madonna – Erotica, 1992

Oh, Madonna. As this is one of her four videos that was banned from MTV, there’s no use even dwelling on just how badass it is. Its erotic nature was a little too rated R for the younger viewers, and some of the older viewers as well, TBH.


10. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know, 1995

This song earns a place on our list mostly for its lyrics, although the accompanying visuals are equally as badass. A 90s classic of classic, Alanis made it ok to completely lose your shit on your cheating boyfriend because, well, that shithead deserves it.


9. Fiona Apple- Criminal, 1996

Sorry she’s not sorry. Dressed in pretty much nothing, Fiona admits she’s “been a bad bad girl,” for cheating on her lover and such, as she strips down to, well, nothing at all.


8. Trina – Da Baddest B*tch, 2000

Ok, so the video starts as Trina wipes her dirty stilettos on a men’s jersey. She’s already scored some badass points in the first 5 seconds. Besides the fact that the video is literally dedicated to her explaining why she is the baddest, the visual just makes it that much better.


7. Christina Aguilera – Dirty, 2002

From “Genie In A Bottle” to assless pants in the middle of a boxing ring, Xtina made it a point to step out of her “girl next door” façade and step into something a little more ~dirty. I could indulge you with the reasons why she makes a badass mini-film, but after just a screenshot from the video you’ll see just why she made the list.


6. Britney Spears – Toxic, 2003

Am I the only who has a tiny infatuation with flight attendants? They’re insanely hot, and oddly mysterious. Well, thank you Britney for tapping into that obsession and being the world’s sexiest stewardess… ever. On top of joining the mile high club, she fearlessly graced the back of a motorcycle (driven by the uber sexy Tyson Beckford, might I add) and donned some fiercely red hair. Badass? I think so.


5. Lady Gaga feat Beyonce – Telephone, 2009

The tragic story of murder committed by two of the biggest names in pop – what a tale. With Queen Bey as the getaway driver, you would assume nothing could go wrong. You assumed right. Lady Gaga somehow pulled off the perfect crime, all to the soundtrack of her hit song in the background. If you learned anything, you now know not to call Lady Gaga or Beyonce while they are attempting to get busy on the dance floor, or you might die of lethal poisoning.


4. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop, 2013

Frankly, we could put any Miley video up here and it would be applicable. So we put all of her songs in a hat and the lucky winner just happened to be “We Can’t Stop.” But after her hair cut and newfound obsession with red lips/never keeping her tongue in her mouth, Miley is just an all around badass. Hence why her video made our (very exclusive) list.


3. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda, 2014

A play on the Sir Mix A Lot hit, “Baby Got Back,” Nicki took the objectification of women in her own hands with “Anaconda.” If anybody’s going to talk about a women’s backside, it’ll be another woman dammit. The video showcased the beauty that is a female stature, in an array of positions. Why? Because her anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun.


2. Taylor Swift – Bad Blood, 2015

Think of your favorite female celebrity. If she isn’t in T. Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, then you probably need a new favorite. (Or maybe she was busy that day, whatever.) Either way, the star power in this epic music video is off the charts. All of your favorite celebs kicking ass? I’ll take two.


1. Rihanna- BBHMM, 2015


Well, duh. Rih comes first. Nudity, violence, sex…what more can you ask for in any video honestly? Rihanna set the bar kind of high with her latest visual stunt. After taking close to a year off from the music scene, she had no choice but to come back with a bang. Since the July 1 release, the video has well over 14 million YouTube views. But it is Rihanna, did you expect anything less?