Costco Under Fire By Humane Society

Brandon Snively
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An undercover investigation has Costco and its egg supplier, Hillandale Farms (a family-owned business out of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), on their heels and defending their reputation when it comes to their poultry practices. A video was released by the Humane Society of the United States outing the inhumane conditions that these birds have to endure.

Here’s a link to the video that you shouldn’t watch if you’re about to eat something or get nauseous really easily.

Now, with the prevalence of documentaries out on Netflix, YouTube, etc., it has become common knowledge that the animals we eat are sometimes exposed to some unsavory conditions. However, the current issue with Costco is that they made a statement almost a decade ago saying that they wanted to end the use of caged animals and make strides to provide more sanitary conditions that would benefit both animals and humans.

According to CBS News, both Burger King and Starbucks are actively attempting to become 100% cage-free, while other competitors like Whole Foods have been cage-free for years. In a statement from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Vice President of Farm Animal Protection, Paul Shapiro, said, “Nearly a decade has passed since Costco indicated it wanted to end such abuse in its supply chain, and these birds continue languishing, every minute of every day, in conditions so filthy it would make most people’s stomachs churn.”

This exposes an obvious failure on the part of both Hillandale Farms and Costco, as the warehouse giant has not taken proper measures to ensure supervision of their distribution facilities and have blantaly contradicted their own statements on the issue.

Hillendale Farms is defending its reputation, saying that this is an isolated incident (typical response, no surprise there) and, according to Fox 5 News NY, the employee in question who made the video has been fired from the company.

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