Commuting Arsenal: 9 Audiobooks For Every Personality

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Everyday I get on the subway with headphones in and sunglasses on. I consider these items to be my armor, and if one is missing I suddenly feel very, very exposed.

I’ll admit, there have been times I didn’t download a book fast enough and I still keep my headphones in to avoid anyone trying to talk to me. Essentially it’s like wearing a big button that say’s “please don’t speak to me – I haven’t had coffee yet.”

However, most of the time I’m happily listening to my latest “page-turner” and people watching for approximately 35 minutes if we’re not randomly delayed.

I’ve only been living in New York City for a little over four months, but I’ve finished well over four audiobooks in my time here. Since I go from Williamsburg to the Financial District for work, I have plenty of time each day to catch up on some reading.

I’ll also admit that I used to absolutely hate audiobooks. I liked the authenticity of holding a book in your hands and the way new books smelled. I enjoyed taking a book and nuzzling into a comfy spot somewhere and getting lost for hours.

Unfortunately, those sceneries don’t work out on the subway. What you’re smelling is probably not the new book, and I suggest not nuzzling anywhere no matter what train you’re on. Plus, I’m still too new to have mastered the balance of standing and holding a book.

All of that aside, there are some great books I’ve read already and a ton that I have on my list. Here’s what should be in your commuting arsenal:


For The Romantic



For The Adventurer



For The BossMan/BossLady



For The Dog Lover



For The Feminist



For The Funny Guy/Girl



For The WWII History Buff



For The #CareerFocused




For The NYC Obsessed


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