Coming Soon To A Playlist Near You: 5 New Artists To Watch Out For In 2017

Evangeline Axiotis
Evangeline Axiotis goes by many nicknames, (mainly inappropriate ones), but most people know her as a music festival junkie. She's currently going through a quarter-life crisis. Her biggest supporter is her dad who constantly reminds her that raving is not a real job - but she hopes to change that soon. She can also recite any Biggie Smalls song by heart.


Most famous for his mashup “Old Thing Back” – featuring Ja Rule and THE one and only Notorious BIG (RIP), we’re predicting 2017 will be a blowout for Matoma. It’s already shaping up nicely for him. “False Alarm” is his latest home run and he just released “Heart Won’t Forget,” which has been stuck in my head for weeks.



I’m definitely sipping on the Amine Kool Aid. If you haven’t heard “Caroline” yet, you’re missing out. Aminé is giving us a funky, creative and all around dope sound that most rappers are lacking. All three tracks that I’ve heard so far are so different, you wouldn’t even realize it’s the same artist. His track “Thru the Tundra” is giving us jungle/reggae vibes. On his track “Baba” he dabbles in singing, which is a growing trend among rappers nowadays. For some rappers it works, and for others it doesn’t, but for Aminé it’s totally working.


Alina Baraz

I had never heard of her before, but her song “Electric” has made its way onto a few of my Spotify playlists so I did some more digging. I listened to her “Urban Flora” EP, which is full of ethereal tracks, perfect for chill time and getting lost in the music. Some of my favorites include “Make You Feel,” “Fantasy” and “Unfold.” She’s in the middle of her “Let’s Get Lost Tour” so if you’re dying to see her live, now is your chance.


Noah Cyrus

Yep, you read that right. Miley’s younger sister is surprising us all with her musical debut. She performed her song “Make You Cry” with Labrinth on Jimmy Fallon’s late night now. I was pleasantly surprised. Her all black outfit and simple mic stand performance was a stark contrast to Miley’s nipple tassles and foam finger (although she’s calmed down slightly recently). I hope Noah keeps it simple because her voice is so unique and amazing.



“Gold” was definitely a song of 2016, making its way to Spotify and Billboard charts. Lil Wayne even jumped on the remix. If you have a remix with Lil Wayne, you’ve pretty much made it, right? I’m predicting big things for Kiiara in 2017. She sounds like the perfect artist to remix or feature in more alternative/electronic songs. She’s also a complete badass judging from her music video.

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