Cocktails Keep Us Warm: 4 NYC Bars To Be Thankful For This Winter

Chris Ambroselli
Hailing from the supremely Midwestern town of Kalamazoo, Chris brings his sense of adventure to the flannel-clad streets of Brooklyn as he navigates the apex of his quarter life crisis. His parents once said that "brunch aficionado" and "cocktail enthusiast" aren't actually real hobbies, so he made it his career. While he isn't wining and dining the startup scene with Hooch ( or scouring the internet for trashy GIF's to use in his articles, Chris can most likely be found waiting for the ever-elusive G-Train.

Admit it — like most New Yorkers, you find it difficult not to complain about…well, anything and/or everything.

Taking solace in the fact that this stereotype is largely regarded as a pervasive, verbalized point of pride (the extent to which various, ironically robust complaint maps actually exist), the widely despised practice of “small talk” becomes that much more bearable as the first days of bitter-cold weather strip away any residual glow that may linger from laying poolside in the Hamptons.

The amount of conversations I overheard throughout the summer — sweating profusely while navigating the bowels of hell (AKA the subway, for all the non-locals) — about the impending excitement and uproarious jubilee that were to accompany busting out those Frye boots, NorthFace puffy-vests, PSL’s (look it up), and the thrilling joys of layering…

And now those who dared to wish the heat of summer into oblivion — you guessed it — complain about how cold it is.

Yes, it got cold. Now we can enjoy the ease associated with complaining to people we don’t even want to talk to in the first place about how it’s too hot in the subway for the ski-jacket, but a bit too brisk for that nicely layered button-down/sweater/cardigan combo.

Complain no longer, my friend — for it’s Thanksgiving!

Better yet, it’s almost BLACK FRIDAY! (Oh, the irony of mass consumer holidays following days of being thankful for what you already have never ceases to amaze me).

In the spirit of being thankful, good vibes, and scoring even better deals, we’re here to help you count down the days until Coachella and your next summer-share to ensure you see the glass half-full* at these perfect indoor hideaways:

*completely full, and free, actually, in the case of your first cocktail as a member of Hooch, at our picks for venues that will make you not mind that it’s actually winter.


This decadent Hookah-lounge and bistro inhabiting a meticulously redesigned and re-imagined greenhouse in Manhattan’s historic Flower-District is truly a sight to behold.

Eclectic, upscale Mediterranean food delights in Pergola’s cavernous dining room as its chic patrons sip and smoke a lavish variety of Hookah in style upstairs in the venue’s beautiful Sun Room and appropriately-named Oasis.

Warm up with: Jalisco Rose

  • Espolon Tequila
  • Amber Agave
  • Fresh Apple
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Lime Juice

Floral and fruit-forward; An amber bite of tequila gives this rose its thorns, and in this setting, will transport you far away from weather-worries.

Sanctuary T

Our list of perfect winter hideaways to beat the cold in the best way we know how — with a soul-warming cocktail, made by one of NYC’s most innovative mixologists — could never be complete without singing the praises of this sleek and sexy Soho tea-house. Sanctuary T offers a contemporary take on eclectic cuisine and featuring tea-infused cocktails!

Defrost and enjoy with: Peppermint Toddy

  • Bourbon
  • Chocolate Liqueur
  • Peppermint Tea

A classic take on the always-appropriate winter staple, the Hot Toddy, Sanctuary T’s whimsical mixologists elevate this enduring classic with a blend of peppermint, decadent chocolate, and smooth bourbon that will melt the stress away and warm even the coldest of New York souls.


To round out our list of hideaways to be thankful for as winter looms near is Atwood. This eclectic, rustic, and inviting new-American kitchen and cocktail hideaway in Midtown East is the perfect place to seek refuge after a long day.

Beauty is in the details as a deliberately personal touch underscores the entirety of the Atwood experience, from its hand-curated Steampunk decor to innovative seasonal cocktails. Come for the drinks, certainly, and stay for the food. You won’t be sorry.

Competition too hot? Try both: The Guapo Sour

  • Lemon
  • Blanco Tequila
  • Egg White
  • Cayenne Pepper

Atwood’s spicy and creamy, tequila-based nod to the gin fizz is anything but commonplace, and certainly brings the heat.

Sutter’s Mill

  • Honey
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Bourbon

Leading with an unexpectedly warm melding of spicy earth tones, and accompanied by a bright pop of citrus at the finish makes this boldly smooth cocktail the best of both worlds.

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And boom! For $49.99, you’ve got premier access to get the “regular” treatment at some of NYC’s greatest venues – like those above – every day for a full year. And yes, Hooch always gets the first round.

Good luck trying to find a way to complain about that!