Clip: Amy Schumer “Say Fine To The Shirt” Ft. Justin Long

Becca Van Sambeck
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Most of us have gotten sucked into a late night showing of Say Yes to the Dress, stuffing our face with tortilla chips as we tag along on the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding dress shopping. We commiserate with the heroine as she seeks to find the perfect fit, all the while totally relating to the stress brought on by her man’s stubborn indifference to her shopping woes.

But last night’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer saw the beloved comedian come to the rescue. Sort of. Commiserating with brides far and wide, Amy presented the sketch, “Say Fine to the Shirt,” featuring everyone’s favorite nerd crush, Justin Long. Who knew he could play apathetic so well!

With an eye-roll that could rival that of a Kardashian’s, Long runs away with the sketch, refusing all attempts to help him find his “new main shirt.” It all contrasts hilariously with Amy’s over-the-top excitement at the prospect of a new shirt for her unenthused fiancé.

It wasn’t the only sketch on last night’s show poking fun at men’s clothing habits. “The Museum of Boyfriend Atrocities” memorialized cringe worthy male fashion fads of the past–from hemp necklaces, to fake tuxedo tees, to Crocs.

This being just one of the many hilarious sketches she’s presented this year, it’s no wonder she was just named Glamour’s Trailblazer of the Year.

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