EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Elusive DJ Claptone Talks Twitter, The Mask And Netflix

Although he is currently busy promoting his new album and touring Europe, we were recently given the opportunity to chat with the elusive DJ known as Claptone, who is currently taking the electronic music industry by storm.

As you may or may not already know, Claptone is known to wear a golden mask while DJing that resembles a bird with an exaggerated beak. The German DJ explained that the mask, “resembles an old Venetian plague doctors mask which was never to be a costume….Ask yourself what it means to you. For example, its golden tone may stand for luxury or for wealth or does it stand for greed in the end?”

As far as his music goes, there are definite influences that range from funky, deep house to some pop and even Wu Tang, which was the sample in one of his more popular tracks, “Cream.” He also draws influence from jazz and soul and indie music. It really is a big mix that shows through his layered beats and mixes.

Check out one of his most popular ones below:

He recently had an electrifying show at Marquee in NYC that brought together many deep house fans for a night of funky and dirty beats. But what is he doing when he’s not tearing up the club in until the wee hours of the morning? Well, he explained that he’s cultural and enjoys museums and exhibitions.

Much about Claptone is still a mystery, but much like his façade, seems even the shows he likes to binge watch on Netflix are just as mysterious. He told us he just finished up the second season of True Detective, which left him slightly frustrated… “Where was the mystery?” he asked.

Museums and Netflix aside, there’s no doubt his true passion lies in the music. Claptone admits that if he wasn’t a successful DJ he would be “listening and watching in.”

We like to end all of our interviews with very hard -hitting questions, so we had to ask:

Who do you think won the epic Twitter beef of 2016, Kanye or Wiz?


Well played, sir.

BTW, For all you festival snobs out there on the West Coast, you can catch Claptone at Coachella and if you’re on the East Coast check out his set at Mysteryland. There is a lot lined up for this DJ who seems to be gaining a lot of momentum as an artist and much deserved popularity on the scene.