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Traveling the world comes with many perks. The culture, the sightseeing, and of course the food. We decided to talk with Cindy aka @chubbychinesegirleats who dished out her favorite food experiences from all over the world. Cindy was born in Shanghai, raised in Buenos Aires, and now resides in New York where she shares her amazing food experiences via Instagram and her blog.

Cindy shared some of her breathtaking pictures that involve drool-worthy food and beautiful scenery, with her reason of why these are her top eight spots.

Kyoto, Japan


One of my most memorable #traveleats has to be @okukifunehyoue in #Kyoto The drive up the hill was narrow and crowded. But it was so worth it _______________________________________________ From May to September, the al fresco dining is served above a flowing river. As you enjoy a delightful #kaiseki meal, the sound of the water running below brings a tranquil melody and has a natural cooling effect #travelthursday #tbt Ayu 🐟 season is also a treat 💚 _______________________________________________ #chubbyeatsTravel #livetravelchannel #chubbyeatsVideo #japan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #beautifuldestinations #lifewelltravelled #openmyworld #exploringtheworld #nature #exploringtheglobe #postcardsfromtheworld #wanderlust #travelphotography #videogram #natgeotravelpic #letsgoeverywhere #mytinyatlas #instapassport #passionpassport #instalove #bamboo #alfresco #unique #travelbug #日本

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We drove up narrow hills to get here. The meal was amazing, local and seasonal. But the cooling feeling sitting on top of the flowing waters and that melody will always be remembered as one of the best experiences.


Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia

Believe it or not this was on our “honeymoon.” My then fiancé convinced me that my love of walking in the city would make this a breeze. It was anything but and people we met on the trail would laugh and ask if our marriage would be short lived. But in the end, when we finally reached the top of the mountain, it was breathtaking. The porters were amazing and our “luxury” experience came with these meals! I’m still amazed at how they made all our food in a tent.


Positano, Italy

Da Adolfo

A must if you visit Positano. Wait for a boat with a red fish and get transported to a seafood feast. Local, simply prepared and delish. It has a little area you can pay for a beach chair and lounge. So much fun in the sun. It’s gorgeous and such a wonderful time.


Southern Italy

Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese

I’ve had this place on my Pinterest for the longest time, and we finally made it on our second anniversary. It was beautiful. At first my husband booked dinner (for the sake of romance) but I made him change it to lunch for better lighting for photos LOL.


Mallorca, Spain

Cala Deià

I’m completely in love with Cala Deia in Mallorca. You hang out by the water and go up to this little restaurant by the water where local fisherman bring in their catch. Sun, cava and good eats. Life doesn’t get any better.


Patagonia, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier

Growing up in Buenos Aires, I had never visited Patagonia until I moved to NYC. Didn’t know why it took me so long. After a day of ice trekking you get treated to alfajores and whiskey. But most importantly and asado with chimichurri. What’s not to love?


Yangcheng Lake, China

Some like summer, others spring… I just like #hairycrab season _______________________________________________ We drove 1.5 hours from #Shanghai to 蟹家大院阳澄湖养殖基地. They also have a restaurant in Shanghai. This is like their farm to table. We saw where the crabs were kept and sat in this glass "hut" for our meal on the lake. Their own produce. Local eats and steamed hairy crabs of course. Follow on InstaStory. At 📍#yangchenglake #蟹家大院 _______________________________________________ #chubbyeats #chubbyeatsShanghai #shanghaieats #localeats #shanghainese #shanghaifood #chinesefood #lefooding #traveleats #上海 #timeoutshanghai #chubbyeatstravel #阳澄湖 #蟹 #imatraveler

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Hairy crab is my fav season in Shanghai. This place is located at the source. And you get to eat the tastiest crabs in the world surrounded by water in a glass hut. It’s so worth the drive there.


Giethoorn, Netherlands

This place is like a fairytale come true. Boats are the preferred transportation. Rowing down the stream, one naturally gets hungry. And in such a beautiful setting, I don’t think what’s on the plate matters, but this carbonara was delish nonetheless.

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