Chill Moody Talks To Us About His Roots And His Alter Ego


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Mix Philadelphia, hip-hop, beer and family into one boiling pot and you have one Chill Moody. Equipped with clever lyrics, catchy beats and an undying involvement with his hometown as Philadelphia’s Official Music Ambassador and Governor of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy, the dynamic rapper has been making splashes in the Philly music scene and has only just begun.

Chill Moody, who performed at this year’s Firefly Music Festival, gave us the rundown of everything from his drunk Twitter account to the Firefly experience to the origin of his love for music. Chill lives up to his name, but is also so much more than simply “chill” — ambitious, yet humble.

Chill Moody is a creator and thinker who never forgets his roots and the people who have supported him throughout.



20something: There’s a lot of talent coming out from Philly. How did you get started in music?

Chill Moody: I always had a love for music; it started out as a love for hip-hop…learning as much Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang to fit in with my older cousins because that’s what they were on. From that trying to fit in, I developed a knack for it — a passion to want to be more in involved in this thing called hip-hop. From there it turned into trying to rap as good as I could, to make my older cousins proud of me. I have a big family and I’m really family-oriented so I try to bring the family out and give them something to brag about. That’s kind of how I got into it, through them supporting me.



Where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics?

CM: Just living. I read, watch movies, hang out with people, have conversations whether it be online or actually talking to people. That’s one of my favorite things about this festival. This is an interview, but it’s a conversation. We’re just talking ’bout things. I appreciate that and I use those experiences to put into music.


Have you imagined yourself being in this scenario, performing at Firefly?

CM: Yeah. Anytime I come to a festival, I came out here as a fan, but I’m also coming as an observer and a documenter. I’m learning because that’s where I wanna be. They’re taking me around on a golf cart and that’s really cool to me. That’s as legit as it gets. It’s the weird stuff that you connect to success where it feels like you’re progressing.


Anything about growing up in Philly that has really defined your music?

CM: 100 percent. You can tell I’m from Philly from my lyrics, the tone, the concepts and the cadences. I exude Philly and you can hear it. If you don’t catch it from that, I’m repping Philly — schooling you on it, telling you about it, inviting you to it. I’m all Philly. It’s a part of me.


Pretend you’re about to make a speech in front of the entire nation and this is your chance to wear your best outfit. What do you wear?

CM: I would suit up in Barney Stinson fashion. It would be a nice suit, I would collab with a nice tailored suit brand, like Armani.


Performance-wise, flashy or simple?

CM: It depends on the set and the vibe as well as size of the audience. Whatever stage I’m on I try to make it feel as intimate as possible and I encourage the crowd to get closer. I dictate from the mic stand and make it feel more like that small show, some of our older shows weren’t as big as this. It’s reminiscent of those first hip-hop shows and I try to set that vibe.


So you’ve talked about how much you like social media, specifically Twitter. Are you still loyal to Twitter even though it’s dying?

CM: I’m on everything at all times. I like to interact on social media. On Twitter it’s like, make a few statements, get some replies. On Instagram, I have more conversations with people because we’re talking about this picture. Easier to build, but you got to use it more. I’m not on Snapchat as often.


Do you have a favorite snapchat filter?

CM: NO filters, no filters.


I have to ask about your alter ego Drunk Chill. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as Drunk Chill?

CM: Just creating Drunk Chill was probably the craziest. I don’t know of anyone who has 2 Twitters with actual followers, like how people look for Drunk Chill. I didn’t even create it to do that, I wanted to sound off on some stuff some day, but I do a lot as the Philly Music Ambassador. I don’t shade who I am: I drink, I have a good time, I have a beer so…I just wanna have fun with it, plus I was like why not! I was also drunk when I did it, so I thought it was a great idea.


If you have the chance to feature 2 artists on your next release, who are they?

CM: Erykah Badu and RZA.


So you dabble in baseball? Other sports?

CM: No, I’m garbage at everything. But I’m average at most things. I just have fun with it. The Arizona Cardinals invited me out. It was a lot of fun if nothing else, but not taken so seriously. It was nothing, but athletes and prestigious people in the entertainment industry and I was around all genres of art.


What are some goals you want to achieve by the end of this year?

CM: To make people aware of Chill Moody, of Nice Things and everything I’m doing. I’ve been doing a lot in the city of Philadelphia and for Philadelphia and the goal this year was to let as many people know about my story. I’m more personable, I like to be around people so with that goal came…I need to travel more and get around more, be at Firefly, be at Coachella and connect with more people. Overall, just getting out there.

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