Cara Delevingne Has Been Dethroned As The Face Of Topshop By…

Mikela Warman
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It almost seems like Cara, Kendall, Gigi, Emily, Karlie and Behati keep rotating in this endless cycle of A-List celebrity-model hybrids who can do no wrong. Is there anything these Vogue-dubbed Instagirls can’t do? Do they ever mess up? Do designers turn them down? Is Alexander Wang ever like “yeah B, you really just didn’t kill it this time, off you go to Aeropostale.” Maybe, but like… prob not.

Is that just because modeling isn’t exactly a hit-or-miss career? Or is it because these women have become so deeply ingrained in pop culture that no matter how they perform, there will always be Photoshop and devoutly loyal Instagram followers waiting at the end of the runway? Their photos will consistently garner traction as millions of young fans watch their every move.

Gigi, or as I like to call her, Geege (pronounced exactly as you would think) is the brand new face of Topshop for the fall/winter campaign. This is a pretty solid snag considering Cara, arguably the world’s most famous millennial model, previously fronted the brand, but is now onto the pursuit of the silver screen. Gigi isn’t really a supermodel sensation. Until recently, she purely existed as social media’s sweetheart and hadn’t landed too many career-changing gigs. Boy, will this change. The F/W campaign, shot by Tyrone Lebon and styled by Kate Phelan, mixes sophistication and edge in a way only Topshop knows how.


I don’t bring this up simply to alert you of the model swap. I challenge you to think of the buzz Topshop, and many others in the future, will receive by making this strategic switch. All it takes is one Instagram for Gigi’s 5 MILLION INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS to flood the stores. This campaign is one of many self-social-media marketing plots to monopolize the modeling industry. Geege, if I were you, I’d send Insta a quick “thank you” note for putting you on the map. What social media sensation is next in line to snag a multi million dollar gig?

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