Cap Off: Why You’ll Want To Get In On This Latest Hat Trend

It comes as no surprise that baseball caps are making a comeback amongst the youth and fashion-forward folk. We are in a generation where we look to the past for inspiration and we are constantly taking the old and making it new again; baseball caps are no exception. They are no longer reserved for soccer moms and dads. They are now, instead, filling the shelves of our favorite stores.

Personally, I am a huge fan of this trend. I no longer have to worry about bad hair days because they offer such a simple solution. Throwing on a baseball cap is so effortless, yet somehow makes an outfit look more put together. Tons of celebs have been seen rocking this trend, which gives us major inspo for different ways to wear them. Below are some of our favorite caps to help get your collection rolling!

ibechillinthough graphic hats

With such a fitting name for the cold months that are to come, ibechillinthough makes graphic hats with bold designs on them. They range from caps with “Max B” lyrics, to my personal favorite, the ice cube cap. They come in several colors, including a rad denim cap.


American Needle washed canvas baseball hats at Urban Outfitters

These Urban Outfitters caps have a classic look and are available in virtually any color imaginable, so for those that like to mix and match, these are for you!


Nike Heritage swoosh hat

The Nike Swoosh hat is an essential for those that love to go for the sporty-chic look.


American Apparel leather baseball cap

Kylie Jenner was recently seen slaying in a leather baseball cap that would make any trendsetter go head over heels. You can shop a similar one at American Apparel.


Now, it’s time to let go of your fear of hat hair and get to grabbin’ some fancy caps!