Is Oral Sex More Damaging To Your Health Than Cigarettes?

Alain Saint-Dic
Alain Saint-Dic, Health and Fitness Editor at 20something, brings over nine years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Though he studied pre-law, his love for the human body, it's adaptive ability and unlocking the largely untapped potential of human beings led him to pursue a passionate career in health, fitness, and athletics.

Though they both have addictive properties, sex and smoking are rarely called on for a comparison round of bad qualities. Smoking would, in most instances, trump sex in the battle of the bads, unless you’re referring to certain experiences.

However, if this formula works out right: smoking can cause oral cancer and so can oral sex.

Oral sex can also lead to HPV which leads to oral cancer, but you can’t catch HPV from cigarettes. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Curious? Refer to the this lovely graphic below:


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