YAS QUEEN is a single white female male living in Manhattan’s West Village. You can spot him at Equinox or lower Manhattan hot spots looking for love in all the wrong places. YAS QUEEN is here to guide you through life and let you know that as a gay man, there are plenty of mistakes to be made…

Dear gays, girls, sexually confused boys and those who don’t identify as either,

As I sit here listening to “Beep” by The Pussycat Dolls (watch the video after this. I would be Nicole, obvi) it has occurred to me that I should introduce myself before we begin diving into the nitty-girtty.


My real identity will remain a secret since us gays are all about the anonymous life with the sex, Grindr relationships, and one night stands. That being said, here is a general description of myself.

I am a 20-something gay male that lives in Manhattan, has worked in fashion and advertising and is very knowledgeable of the gay culture and community in this bitch of a city. I may not have degrees or certifications in the topics that I will cover with you thirsty QUEENS, but I can assure you I have done the real life legwork in the bedroom or on awkward ass first dates.

I hope you’ll join me for Tea every Tuesday where I will give you the lowdown on gossip so you QUEENS can have something to discuss while you sip your *calorie free* vodka sodas at happy hour… but, that’s not all – on Thursdays I will post again on a random topic that I think could use some clarification. Leave your suggestions in the comments box. I probably won’t check it, but whatever.


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