By Practicing Forgiveness Now You Could Prevent Depression Later

Alain Saint-Dic
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Hindsight is 20/20, especially when dealing with the grudges we may hold. As present day millennials, we sometimes get into situations with friends and family that lead to tension and long term grudges. In the moment, our feelings may cloud our judgement and cause us to hold on tightly to our feelings of displeasure towards another person. Fast forward 20 years, we may look back on these conflicts and realize that we could’ve done more to resolve the situation properly.

However, 20 years later, we may also look back and realize that forgiveness could’ve helped us to avoid future depression and given us an overall happier life.

Studies show that gender differences and patterns of forgiveness could determine whether older people exhibit signs of depression. The patterns of forgiveness were classified as self forgiveness, forgiveness of others, and forgiven by others.

Older women who were not able to forgive others were more depressed in the long run. Men were not affected by this.

However, men who felt unforgiven by others showed higher signs of depression while it made no real difference on women.


20somethings — Learn to forgive others and accept forgiveness, don’t hold on to that nasty grudge

  • Don’t wait until you’re old and gray to discover that you’re depressed simply because you couldn’t let go of a grudge you held on from years ago.
  • “Let it go, let it goooo.” Forgive others, forgive yourself and be happy. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean you have to interact with the accused at the same level as before. It just means that in your heart, you don’t hold any animosity towards them.
  • Typically people will tell you not to burn bridges. However, sometimes its fear of the unknown that stops us from lighting a match. Allow indifference to replace hate, and don’t look back.

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