Brooklyn Bites: New Wine And Cheese Bar You Absolutely Must Try

As the air gets crisper in New York City, we’ve all begun to trade in our cold beer and patio seating for the warming beverages and cozy intimate interiors. This new Brooklyn tasting bar can provide all of our winter needs: dimly lit space, Ella Fitzgerald tunes, and, of course, multiple loving pairs of wine and cheese.


Restaurateur, former maître fromager, and creative mastermind Chung Park has curated a modern and exciting combination of wine, cheese, and charcuterie at the recently opened Pair Wine & Cheese, located on Cobble Hill’s very hot Atlantic Avenue.

Enter Date Night:

Encouraged by Chung himself, you should always start the night with a little bubbly.


Domaine Barmes Buecher Creman — a refreshing French sparkling with just a hint of bitter. It invigorates the taste buds and prepares foodies for the buttery Bent River, Alemar Cheese from Oregon.


Shortly following this French hipster tango, take a turn and combine the sweet aroma of Oregon’s own Montinore Pinot Noir and toss it up against a delightfully stinky California Red Hawk for good measure.


Four country-themed flights offer two pairs of wine and cheese per order. For those who want to take it a step further, Pair hosts flight school pairing events where you can expand your flavor horizons.


Enter Small Friendly Gathering:

Consulting Chef Michael Kollarick also continuously creates a well-rounded menu of locally sourced vegetables, meats, and (yes) cheeses. Dishes change frequently and seasonally, so expect to be pleasantly surprised every time.


The quinoa croquettes are made for sharing. They are stuffed plentifully with a variety of quinoa textures combined with warm Gruyere, salty jamon, and Boquerones, and lightly dipped in a sweet romesco sauce.


The fried cauliflower salad is the ultimate dish for any group of trendy young Brooklynites. A baby kale salad loaded with fried cauliflower, sautéed maitake mushrooms, and sweet crunches of pickled pear all on a soft cloud of jaw dropping ricotta cheese. This could be the only reason you brave the winter winds for a night out with friends. Definitely order two.


Obviously don’t lose track of the point here. Dishes are meant to be paired with wine! Unger’s Gruner Veltliner Gottschelle Reserve is a soft citrus-toned Austrian white, which delicately matches these small plate options.

Enter Girl’s Night Out:

A winter cheese outing could not be complete without melted cheese. Pair offers a variety of selection anywhere from macaroni and cheese to fondue. The best way to huddle over the steam of melted cheese is to order the raclette.


A French/Swiss dish, the Raclette is a slab of melted cheese served with small wooden spatulas used to scrape the cheese off. It’s a crispy, warm, and melty cheese that can be combined with 18-month prosciutto de parma slices. A classic side of picked vegetables and potatoes accompany the globs of cheese nicely. Move over French onion soup — no one actually prefers the soup part.


To top it all off, Pair continues to keep their dairy-loving crowd happy with their comforting deserts. A traditional chocolate fondue is available in ginger spice and Mexican spice and comes with an assortment of treats for dipping. But when in Rome, opt for Chung’s ultimate creative pairing of Caveman Blue – another ‘new world’ Oregon cheese and Brooklyn’s very own Red Hook chocolates.


The fatty combination of blue cheese with the bitter bite of dark chocolate.


Add that sweet element by pairing this treat with Quinto do Infantado Port wine and you are good to go.


Pair is certainly a desirable spot in the neighborhood. It satisfies every night out by offering a quick taste before dinner, entrees for a meal with friends, and a delightful sweet late night ending with — you guessed it — wine and cheese.

*Enter heavenly dairy coma.*