BREAKING: Karl Lagerfeld May Be Leaving Chanel

We’ve been told that Karl Lagerfeld, arguably the most acclaimed German fashion designer in the world, may be resigning as head designer and creative director of Chanel as early as this week. Famous for his recognizable designs and constant reinvention, Lagerfeld has been quoted by Vogue magazine as the “unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment.”

We have been told by trusted sources that Lagerfeld, 82, may be retiring from the industry. There are no speculations of being pushed out.

Recognized for his iconic look, Uncle Karl is only seen rocking pony-tailed snow white hair, dark black sunglasses, and high starched collars. He travels with his cat, Choupette, and has said he would marry her, were it legal. Lagerfeld’s human entourage typically includes his favorite models and muses such as Anna Wintour, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delavigne, Hudson Kroenig, Sebastien Jondeau and the like.

If so, it’s a sad day for fashion, but we wish Karl much happiness and well-deserved relaxation. Thanks for all you’ve done for fashion, KL. You will surely be missed.