Brand & Boujee: 10 Rappers With Successful Clothing Brands

Casey Tepper

Hip-hop artists are legendary for branching out and creating “brands.” These days, many rappers launch anything from a new clothing line to novelty headphones. It wasn’t until the late 1980s and 1990s that rappers started to embrace high-end fashion labels.

In the hip-hop world as well as fashion, the only way to keep your money, power and respect is by staying relevant. Of all the lessons hip-hop has taught us over the years, a recurring one is how to hustle.

Here are 10 rappers with the most successful clothing brands:

P. Diddy: Sean John

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This man needs no intro. He is hip-hop’s richest rapper and continues to rule, with his popular vodka “Ciroc” and TV Network “Revolt.” P. Diddy added significantly to rap culture, and no one was surprised when he launched his clothing line. No wonder why he is the richest rapper of them all.


Jay-Z: Rocawear


Back in 1999 Jay-Z and record co-founder Damon Dash launched Rocawear after the success of P Diddy’s brand. Rocawear has grown to see revenues of 700 million.


Pusha-T: Play Cloths


Pusha- T has evolved into an excellent businessman over the years. The rapper created his brand back in 2008, creating clothes with more urban and contemporary styles. Pusha- T continues to run his clothing line today as he continues to be president of Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D music.


Pharrell Williams: Billionaire Boys Club (BBC)

(BBC Icecream)

is a producer, singer, rapper, visual artist and a designer.  and his partners found BBC back in 2005, and it became a huge success in 2011. He just came out with summer line and continues to build an audience.


Wu-Tang Clan: Wu Wear


This is the O.G fashion line crew. Since the 90s, the Wu-Tang Clan has been a hit in the hip-hop world and now in the fashion world as well. Look for the nylon pants, baggy jeans, sports jerseys look in the fashion line.


G-Unit: G-unit Clothing Company


G-Unit started in 2003 after 50 cent developed partnership with Marc Ecko, when they split, Fitty went on with his clothing line and got full ownership like a boss. This clothing line has always been a classic and 50 cent continues to boss up with his liquor line “Effen.”


Tyler the Creator: Golf Wang


Rappers are always coming up with new and exotic modes of dressing. Tyler the Creator has always been the king of it. The clothing line launched in 2010 and the rapper has collaborated with the shoe brand Vans as well as clothing pieces with the Odd Future Donut logo.


Fabolous: Bloods Thicker

(My Fabolous Life)

Fabolous is always keeping it real. As he says, “I don’t care how poor you are, if you have FAMILY… You are rich.” Fabolous just recently came out with the line — a more casual look compared to Kanye’s Yeezy Season.


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Cam’ron is amazing for many reasons: music, soul samples and Pink jackets. He is always pushing the envelope and working hard toward success. His clothing line DIPSET USA started in 2014, with clothes priced between $30 and $90 — a more affordable line compared to the others.

Kanye West: Yeezy Season


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We all know Kanye West and we all know that the hype is real. Kayne, who proclaims himself as “more than just a musician,” has shown no signs of slowing down his business. Though the “homeless” look costs hundreds of dollars, more than half the world is loving Yeezy Season and will stay a loyal follower.