Boy Brow: The Latest Trend To Keep Your Eyebrows ~On Fleek~

Madalene Koompone
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Boy, it’s brow month and Glossier has released their latest concoction to celebrate. That’s right ladies, drop those pencils. Gentlemen, keep the tweezers – you may still need them… yikes.

Over the past year, eyebrows have been close to a near obsession.

Getting a compliment on your brows was likely to brighten up your day, even if you were 20 minutes late to work. With Glossier’s new Boy Brow, this product does more than cut time on your daily routine. It embraces the best part of everyday: you.

Boy Brow is all about staying natural and true, no frills or fillers.

It’s a creamy, conditioning pomade that uses a spoolie to fix unruly brow hairs and fluff up the better ones. Made of beeswax and carnuba wax, the combination offers a non-tacky hold, strengthens the hairs, and provides more definition than most gels alone.

Boy Brow comes in only three different colors – blonde, brown, or black.

That’s a relief to hear, considering that other popular lines use the weird “Onyx Ebony Night Glow” to reel us in, and most often disappoint us with. Everything about this product is simple and straightforward, and that’s more than we can say about our current hook-ups. Truth.

Thank you, Boy Brow. Thank you for being better than our next Tinder date.

This new beau runs at $16 a piece. For more videos and pictures, check out Glossier’s website.