Black And Blue Friday: Shopping Horror Stories In The News

Brandon Snively
Brandon is a Pace University graduate and avid Philadelphia sports fan, but don't hate him because of it...please? He was a former intern at the Howard Stern Show as well as a reporter for the MTA program Transit Transit Newsmagazine. He likes to be in front of the camera or behind the mic, but he enjoys news writing just as much.

What’s great about Thanksgiving is that we get to eat our faces off with family and friends and really have no “ragrats” as to how fat we feel after we wake up from our post-meal nap. For some it’s a day of watching football and getting together with the fam. For others, it’s all about waking up from the post meal nap and hitting the stores for the next several (or 20) hours to get the best Black Friday deals.

Despite the fact that half the deals start on Thanksgiving day (thanks for ruining traditions corporate retailers), people will try and search for a sale as if they are looking for gold. What’s even better, for normal people’s enjoyment, are the reactions and brawls that take place inside the stores. Here are a couple incidents from Friday that have people talking.

Man goes apeshit on a cop at a Texas Walmart

From YouTube channel Lulee Love, a video from a Walmart in El Paso, Texas shows a man who gets physical with a police officer, and not in a good way. The video shows a cop with both his hands near a man’s neck in the blue shirt. The guy in the blue shirt started attacking the police officer back. Well sir, you get our “Dumbass of the Day” award for doing such a thing.Watch the video and see all the savages fight over something that isn’t Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie (which by the way is delicious).

The brawls continue, this time at a Louisville Mall

Another brawl occurred at the Louisville Mall in Kentucky. This one occurred just a couple hours into the shopping hours on Thanksgiving night at that mall, according to the NY Daily News. No one was seriously injured in that Kentucky fight (and there also was another one so Kentucky gets the champion belt here), but they were escorted off the premises.

As a quick reminder for all of our shoppers, Black Friday does not offer the best deals during the shopping season — those deals come about a week before and especially after Christmas. So if Black Friday is your tradition, don’t stop, but make sure you train yourself to, in the words of Ludacris, “throw them bows.”