Talks With 20: How The UK Male Duo, HONNE, Got Their Start In Music

“Sunset-drive-baby-making-anthems” is exactly how HONNE describes their music. Sound like something you love? Keep reading…

HONNE, the band made up of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, two dudes from London, has managed to garner a successful following, accumulated an index of hits and has taken its talents on tour. Seems like the normal path for any band, but it’s almost shocking how fast HONNE has risen to the top, considering the duo has only been on the scene for a little under two years. HONNE is also a Japanese word that translates to “one’s true feelings and desires,’ another great metaphor for their soulful R&B lyrics about love and the like.

I caught up with James and Andy to see how life has been unfolding recently.

The new album, ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ has been a huge success and besides sounding like a contradiction of temperatures, Warm On a Cold Night is actually the name of the first track the band ever put out.

“It was the one that got everything started for HONNE. It’s still a favorite of ours, and we feel the name sort of summarizes what we are about and what we hope people feel when they listen to the album,” James and Andy said.

Many of the songs come from real life events, Andy said.

I write the lyrics. They’re pretty much all about things that have happened to me, James, or to our friends or loved ones. I prefer to write about real life events so that I feel connected to what I’m singing about when I’m recording or performing live.”

If you haven’t heard the album yet the last track, FHKD is a favorite of theirs.

“It’s our most dance-orientated track and the focus was around making the track build and progress. It’s always fun making something that’s a bit of a departure from what’s normal for you.”

Besides all the glitz and glam of fame and touring, there’s one thing they look forward to when they go back home to the UK.

“Seeing family and friends is probably the main thing. That, along with getting a normal amount of sleep, coupled with how hilariously apologetic English people are (ourselves included).”