These Are The Real Takeaways From Beyoncé’s Visual Album ‘Lemonade’

Colleen Woodward
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By now, unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard that Beyoncé dropped her latest visual album “Lemonade.” There’s been an insane amount of controversy surrounding it — I mean, what can we expect when the Queen worked her magic again? And naturally, rather than taking anything from the music, we are drawn to the drama that has ensued from it — aka Jay-Z is a cheater, who is “Becky with the good hair,” what is Jay-Z’s opinion of this album, what is going on in their personal lives?? And the list goes on.

However, can we drop the bullshit and actually listen to the album without questioning which song is about who? Can we listen to the vulnerability, the strength, the power, the courage that comes pouring through each of Queen B’s songs rather than the gossip? Because if we do that, there are some serious takeaways.

Being cheated on along with a relationship filled with dishonesty can be quite traumatic. Even if it happened to you when you were 16, you still feel that hurt. You still know what it meant to you to be betrayed. You remember wanting to bash windows, threaten that “side chick,” and ultimately end the relationship you were in. Now imagine that when you are a married woman with a child, a career, the fame, the title — being Beyoncé in general.

The self-expression that she gives her listeners through this album is nothing short of courageous. It takes a strong women to admit to the jealousy, the crazy thoughts, the insecurities we all feel when dealing with a broken relationship.

Each song tells a story, one that we should be listening to. Each one tells us that it’s okay to want to flip out when we learn the trust in our relationship has been broken.


We learn that it is okay to really feel incredibly sad. Even if you have never experienced a cheater or broken relationship, you can take this lesson and apply it to any part of your life. It is okay to feel things.

Bey 2

And when you’re done feeling sad, you can turn to your girls and throw it down screaming “Middle fingers up, tell ‘em boy bye” in the club (or in your room with a bottle of wine, either works).

bey 3

However, when the anger has faded, you danced your ass off with your girls, you’ve released all your hate out — Beyoncé wants us to know that forgiveness is an option. It is one of the hardest things we have to cope with in our lives, but it is possible.

Bey 4

Although there are many more pieces of the puzzle when it comes to B’s new album, recovering from a failed relationship is one that is ever present. It’s the piece that everyone is talking about. However, let’s stop wondering who the f*** “Becky with the good hair” is and start looking at the vulnerability Queen B is showing.

This openness from a powerful female only goes to show that we all go through something in our lives. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Even the women who seem like they have it all together, have to deal with heavy emotions, up-hill battles, and wounds that never seem to heal.

So, the next time you hear one of the new songs off the album (it’s on iTunes, so you should have bought it, like, yesterday), really listen. Hear what she’s saying. Hear the strength. Learn from it. And realize that you’re not alone.

Then go be the female power house that Queen B wants us all to be. At the end of the day, it’s all about how we recover from situations like a cheater that make us who we are.

bey 6