Best Of The Fests: What Music Festival Should You Attend This Year?

As music festival season approaches and lineups for all different types of festivals all over the country are released, it’s important to consider which one is actually worth your time and money based on your own #musicfestivalstereotype. SO before you decide to take on a full fledge weekend of constant music, unbelievably packed crowds, sleep deprivation, sore muscles, and a whole lot of heat let’s find YOUR perfect fit that makes it ALL worth the trip…


A die hard bass head:

Then you should attend Moonrise Festival In Baltimore, Maryland to end the summer off right. There will definitely be a moderate amount of genre diversity, with notable acts like Excision, MIGOS, Pretty Lights, Run the Jewels + MORE! From electro house, dubstep, house, and rap, plus a great location, Moonrise is something that can’t be missed.


A less colorful, non-fur boot wearing, not really into sporting light gloves, MASSIVE EDM LOVER:

Then you should hit up Okeechobee Music Festival in Okeechobee, Florida. This festival is the perfect mix of EDM, rock-indie, and even hip hop, with huge headliners this year including Flume, Bassnectar, Usher and the Roots, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, Pretty Lights, Porter Robinson, and Wiz Khalifa. So you’ll feel totally comfortable embracing your EDM obsession without feeling the need to dress in a rainbow, tie dye bra and spandex short combo and 300 beaded bracelets. Added bonus? You’ll be camping out under the stars in a tropical paradise where there’s yoga, swimming, dancing, and not to mention…music all night long.


An indie 20some who wears a lotta band tees but doesn’t necessary call themselves a “hipster” but kinda sorta wants others to consider them as one:

ayeeee you got a few different options here, ya non-hipster but sorta hipster fiend. Option #1 Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN which is an ultimate classic festival experience, full of credible bands, a diverse lineup, and the rural-middle of nowhere setting in the deep south. Headliners this year include U2, The Weeknd, The Head and the Heart, Lorde, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Major Lazer, Flume, The XX, and Travis Scott. So if you’re down to rough it up in a campsite where you’ll sleep in a makeshift tent (or your car), have limited shower opportunities (aka baby wipes will become your best friend), but overall you value the performance aspect of the festival over the fashion/vanity of it all…than Bonnaroo is for you.

Okay option 2 if you’re still feelin’ like embracing your suppressed hipster persona, but you rather be in a city atmosphere and maybe not be surrounded by a ton of male facial hair (que Bonnaroo beards and man buns) then check out New York City’s summer music festival known as The Governors Ball. Full of impressive artists including, Chance the Rapper, Lorde, Childish Gambino, Cage the Elephant, Phoenix, Tool, Flume, and Schoolboy Q, this music festival is sure to bring out all different music lovers from this metropolitan setting who wanna hear one-of-a-kind performances just not in a rural, rustic camping sorta way that usually comes with the festival territory.


A wannabe Instagram model, fashion frenzied, chill girl or “dude”:

Then you should check out Coachella in Indigo, California this festival season. If music isn’t enough of a convincer for you to spend a ton of money on festival tickets, this event is just as much about the fashion as it is about music…and it just so happens to be held in the most picture perfect setting of palm trees in the desert (just think about all the likes you’re about to get on Instagram). So, if you’re one who loves to plan out the perfect, bohemian ensemble accompanied with braids, strappy sandals, layered jewelry, and the perfect watermelon slices to use as a prop in your pic, Coachella might be your top choice this festival season (c’mon give your followers what they want). Coachella headliners this year include Radiohead, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, The XX, and Bon Iver but keep a look out because you’re sure to see celebs, models, and famous YouTubers mixed in the crowd as well. But please let the flower crown trend go this year.


An Ultimate #Raver:

Then you already know where you should be at this spring…Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL. Bring out your favorite raver gear; fur boots, neon colored outfits, and crazy makeup and get ready for the most extreme rage of rave season. Non stop fluorescent light shows will pair incredibly well with this year’s headliners including Major Lazer, The Prodigy, Underworld, Ice Cube, Justice, Afrojack, and Alesso.