Beat The Heat: 7 Affordable Indoor NYC Activities To Keep You Cool This Summer

It’s summer and it’s sweltering in New York City. Your apartment building doesn’t have a pool and you’re looking for something fun to do that won’t cause your body to overheat. Or worse, you’re visiting from out of town and you have no idea what goes on during the summer in a city like this.

No matter what situation you’re in, you know you need to find something to do to keep you cool and busy. Check out some of the coolest ways to stay chill this summer in the Big Apple.


1. Shop till you drop

New York City should be considered one of the shopping Meccas of the world. There’s so much to buy! You’ll find some of the best department stores in the world (many of which are the flagship stores), as well as boutique shops full of items you can’t find anywhere else.

For women’s clothing, try Maryam Nassir Zadeh or Barking Brown.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh style

Valentino is a boutique boasting the hottest Parisian styles for men and women. They have locations across the globe, but we’re partial to their New York locations, with one on Fifth Avenue and one on Madison Avenue. On top of that, there are a lot of great specialty shops (Saks Fifth Avenue, anyone?), and pop-ups throughout the city.

Steer clear of the open-air markets if you’re trying to keep cool, though.


2. Go on an adventure

Whether you’ve always wanted to shoot a bow and arrow or you want to chase your friends around a laser arcade, there are plenty of ways to play in the cool.

You can find an array of physically demanding indoor activities that will keep your blood flowing while you beat the heat. Find an indoor ice skating rink, like the World Ice Arena in Queens, or rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders.

Brooklyn Boulders


3. Treat yo’self

Aire de Sevilla is all about a relaxing experience. Take a dip in one of these ancient baths and have something awesome to discuss with your friends later! The ancient traditions of water temperature are used to relax the body and the mind, and subsequently serve as the ideal place to cool off on a hot, New York summer afternoon.


Aire de Sevilla

For those of you on a budget, just schedule an appointment at your favorite spa to keep out of the sun and refresh your mind.


4. Get cultured

The city’s full of museums, like the MOMA, the Met, and the American Museum of Natural History that will pique the interest of even the most curious of minds. If you’re fairly artsy yourself, you can take an indoor experimental art class that entices all of your senses.

And if art is totally not your scene, there’s still plenty of cultural activities you can take part in throughout the city that will keep you cool. Learn to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen at a cooking class. Home Cooking New York makes cooking feasible for chefs of all levels! Once you’ve honed your skills, try making a nice goulash (cold soup) to maintain your level of chill.


Home Cooking NY


5. Go out

We don’t mean dancing in a sweaty nightclub. Minus 5 is an ice bar in NYC that will definitely keep you from the sweltering outdoors. The bar is made completely of ice, and so are the seats and walls of the establishment.


minus5 ice bar

You can order a drink served in an ice glass, take in all of the ice sculptures that surround you, and relax in a borrowed parka. It’s a pretty cool way to beat the heat if you can handle a little bit of a touristy crowd.


6. Read a book

Not only is The New York Public Library a sight to see, it’s full of hours of entertainment that will delight your inner book worm. Visiting is free and you can stay as long as you like, and they keep the AC cranking in there on hot summer afternoons!


The New York Public Library


7. See a movie

Going to see a movie is a summer staple. The chilly theater air, the warm buttery popcorn, and the fresh, new film you get to feast your eyes upon are part of what makes summer great. New York City is home to some of the oldest theaters in the nation, so if you want to get your historical self on, head to a BAM’s Rose Cinemas or the Paris Theatre.



If there’s nothing out that you want to see on the silver screen, look into what’s playing on stage. NYC always has a ton of theatrical features running – find something fun and interesting to beat the heat.


So, if you are looking for something exciting to do in the city but want to avoid the heat, these awesome ways to stay cool and have fun in New York City is a major key.

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