Battle Of The Smorgasborough: Queens v.s. Brooklyn

Ashley Falzone
Ashley is your semi-above-average 20 something living in Astoria who lives and breathes NYC life. She goes about her days looking forward to all the food she will consume. She also loves referencing Kanye West quotes in her articles whenever applicable.

In what may be a bold statement, Smorgasburg, run by the lovely people who started the Brooklyn Flea, is the greatest foodie event within the New York City area. I will even go a step further and say “within the entire country.” Now, this is just my personal opinion, but the great foodie, chef, and restaurateur, Mario Batali, called Smorgasburg “The single greatest thing I’ve ever seen gastronomically in New York City,” while The New York Times called it “The Woodstock of Eating.” Where else can you find hundreds of amazing food vendors serving a spectacularly diverse array of delicacies all under one borough’s home turf? The greatest city in the world, that’s where. And if you have yet to experience this foodie spectacle, it now has three locations within the NYC area, including the origins of Williamsburg and DUMBO, and newly formed, as of July 11th, Long Island City, Queens. I hate to pick favorites here but we’re about to battle it out for the best Smorgasborough OF. ALL. TIME.

1. Location, Location, Location


I hate to further toot Brooklyn’s horn, but the locations are almost as great as the food. Both destinations are on the waterfront with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.


The location is literally surrounded by construction in a less than appealing lot. I know Queens is still “up-and-coming” but c’mon. We can do better. Why aren’t you on the LIC waterfront?


2. Try me, I’m free!


Free samples. Samples for days, especially in Williamsburg. I love free anything, so this is pretty popular with my taste buds.


I searched…and searched…but left with one measly sample. Though, they’re just beginning their journey in the ‘Burg world, so I will give them some slack (there’s a lot of slack being cut here, Queens).


3. Eenie meenie minie moe, so many more Vendors left to go!


This could be unfair, considering BK has two locals, but there is an abundance of food options at this ‘Burg. From grilled cheese to fried chicken to Caribbean delicacies (including a real coconut), the list goes on and on.


While I fully respect that they keep the food options local to Queens, there are just not as many vendors. The space is significantly smaller, but there are an exorbitant amount of great food options in Queens. With time, they best bring ‘em to the ‘Burg.


4. Creative Food Pairings


Although there are more options, that doesn’t mean the options get insanely worldly. (With the exception of the now infamous Ramen Burger)


Where else can you consume a Filipino duck embryo? Or a stingray sandwich? Queens is where the creativity reigns supreme.


And the winner is… (Bangs on imaginary drum)

It kills my soul to say this (because I’m a drama queen living in Queens) but Brooklyn, you reign supreme. (For now!) You’ve been around the block longer and have multiple locations, and that view. Embrace the glory that you’re clearly used to, but know that Queens is about to have their moment. This Smorgasborough is just getting started, y’all.

To decide for yourself, visit Smorgasburg and experience the greatness.

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