Battle Of The DJ Duos: Is The Iconic ‘Louis The Child’ The Next Big Rival?

Evangeline Axiotis
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If your taste in music is anything like mine, you’ve probably seen the name “Louis The Child” pop up in your Spotify Discover weekly. The duo, made up of Chicago natives Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennet, have already crossed major milestones early in their careers. Before turning 20, they’ve managed to play Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Zoo. Their single “It’s Strange” was the song of the summer last year, catching the attention of big artists and becoming the theme song for FIFA 16.

They’ve opened for major acts like The Chainsmokers and Madeon and are now headed off to their own tour, coming to New York City for back-to-back shows November 9 and 10.

These two aren’t the first or the last pair to team up in the world of electronic music. Let’s take a look at some iconic DJ duos that paved the way for Louis The Child and how they match up against each other.


The Chainsmokers

Similarities: Their style

They both love to rock an extra long graphic tee and skinny jeans. Check out their Instagram feed and you’ll be doing a double take — down to the way they pose for the camera and jump on the DJ booth — they look identical.

Differences: Bro level

The Chainsmokers are your typical frat bros that could have easily ended up in Barstool if the whole music thing didn’t work out. While Louis The Child has the look, they don’t act the part. They seem a little more quirky and I hope they maintain their nice guy attitude.



Similarities: Crossing genres

LTC has formed a sound that can’t be contained into any one sub-genre of electronic music, much like Disclosure.

Differences: Live music

Disclosure is known for going beyond the standard DJ set and putting on live shows where they each play instruments. I don’t see LTC going down this path yet, but who knows what’s in store for them.


Adventure Club

Similarities: They like to party.

Both groups like to have a good time and bring the energy to their shows.

Differences: Rager vs. pregame

Adventure Club throws down at their shows. Both members of Adventure Club are seasoned vets, while LTC are still (underage) rookies. We can compare the two to a rager and a pregame. The crowd at their shows are vastly different.


Axwell /\ Ingrosso

Similarities: Bromance

As fans, we love a good bromance between a DJ duo. They do practically everything together and spend more time with each other than they do with their families, so one would hope that they are close.

Differences: New vs. Old

Axwell /\ Ingrosso are ultimate friendship goals. They’ve been through it all together and have also known each other for more than a decade. LTC’s friendship is still fairly new so they have a lot to catch up on.


Jack U

Similarities: Collabos

Jack U is known for collaborating with huge artists. Even though Louis The Child only has produced a couple of singles, we know from their collaboration with K.Flay that they are made for this lane in music.

Differences: Individual sounds

Both Skrillex and Diplo were huge names on their own before they came together to form Jack U. They built up their own brand – Skrillex with his machine gun dubstep and Diplo with his twerkworthy trap – which made for a special concoction. LTC is in the opposite situation. They were just two teenagers from Chicago who liked to produce music. They are still figuring out their sound together.

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