VIDEO: Are You Sharing The Right Message On The Paris Attacks?

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The tragic attacks in Paris have been quickly and deeply felt all around the world. The frightening realization that terrorists can no longer be distinctly identified and could be living amongst us as we walk to school, take the subway to work, and congregate with friends and family for dinner or a casual night out is a chilling thought to say the least.

Much as it should, the recent tragedy has encouraged broad, compelling and, at times, provocative conversation. Whether you’ve watched complicated discussions and debates on some of the major news networks, read articles suggested to you by your friends or posted your own thoughts and support on social media, you’ve likely been engaged on some level.

To little surprise, the Facebook newsfeed was again the most entertaining forum for the usual unhealthy blend of moronic political bickering sponsored by all the people you forgot you were Facebook friends with — the subtle racism courtesy of your high school valedictorian, the forceful, persuasive racism in the form of a pie chart from the guy at the gym who wears a beanie, and of course, a concealed carry petition from the kid that sits next to you in class.

“Of course you can borrow my pen, just keep it I have thousands! And by the way, the point you made earlier about how white people get shot by police all the time and nobody cares, that was excellent man!”

My goodness.

That aside, of course political discussion is important. In fact, it’s the very reason why we have the first amendment, so we can freely think and speak and engage in discussions that result in the discovery and spread of political truth. (Law school, I’m hot I know)

But where is our self-control? Some of you are so quick to share such abhorrently one-sided articles that you very likely haven’t even read (apart from the caption), using this tragedy as a grossly inappropriate opportunity to aimlessly flaunt your unfounded approach to foreign policy, but more importantly your bikini body in the new French profile pic filter. You guys are everywhere! Typing your two cents in the comment section in the form of some violent insult directed at the author or whichever friend of yours shared the post. People posting articles titled “WHERE IS OBAMA NOW, HUH?”


Everyone thinks they can run the country. Some of you actually want to run the country. Do you really think you’ll get a job anywhere near politics when you say things like, “Canadians think the Titanic was a real thing and not just a movie lol, like how dumb can you be?” Followed by a selfie of yourself with caption “Going to All of Garden tonight!” Bitch, do you mean Olive Garden?

There is always going to be hate and oppression and racism all over Facebook. You can’t unsubscribe from everyone, that’d take away all the fun. But after what those, to quote John Oliver, “fucking assholes” did in Paris, can you weirdos just show some humanity for a few minutes instead of sharing your thoughtfully prepared analysis on how ISIS is a product of Roe v. Wade. I mean HOLY SHIT! You people are going to have children. And you’re going to force all this shit on them!?


I know what you’re thinking: What the hell do I know? I don’t know, man. Today I saw a homeless guy do the sign of the cross in a phone booth and proceed to piss in it, as he looked at me and said with confidence “Wingardium Leviosa.” So what does anybody really know?

It is so important to share your compassion and your prayers with your communities. But let’s do it genuinely and intelligently. Let’s do it without some narcissistic purpose. Let’s do it the right way.

Breathe for a minute. Gather your thoughts. Post the right video. Say the right thing. Send the right message, like the video above. This is all I wanted to share, but I suppose I got carried away. But if you watch the moment the little boy and his father share at 1:11, that’s what its all about. That’s what inspires and that’s what brings people together.

That’s love, protection, tolerance, strength and education all in one.

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