Anywhere and Everywhere Exercises: The Nalini Method To Reduce Your Seasonal Anxiety

Chavonne Hodges
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“Don’t magnify your failures,” said Rupa Mehta at the commencement of her debut anxiety workout at the Lulemon store in the Upper West Side.

That evening, I had the opportunity with nearly 25 women from the NYC area to experience Mehta’s anxiety and stress workout routines. Two of seven mood-influenced workouts were featured in her new book “The Nalini Method: Transform Your Mind and Body.” Mehta’s routines were the apropos, cathartic sweat sessions that we all needed.

Becoming warriors and channeling our doubt and anger into positive energy at @lululemon last week! #OwnYourMood

Like I have said before, there’s something about the winter time that makes me say “FML”more often than usual. As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I can attest that my winter woes are not imaginary! Scientific evidence shows that frigid weather and reduced sunlight cause the onset of winter blues, or as mental health experts refer to it, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

There’s a silver lining though. SAD is treatable and exercise happens to be one.

The Nalini Method is a workout that can help kick SAD to the curb. These workouts were the perfect balance between challenging and comforting. Physically, the challenging sequences of full body, equipment-less exercises were enough to leave sweat-glistening participants out of breath. The anxiety workout featured short, fast-paced forearm planks, chair poses, bridges, etc., which required participants to move swiftly and listen intently.

But the most important, if not most comforting, part of the workout was listening to Mehta’s personal anecdotes and affirmations as we repositioned ourselves into warrior leg lift poses.

This powerful combination of the physical and psychological can only be described as a literal transformation of energy; the body and the mind are key. With no equipment needed in any of the mood workouts, it’s the perfect solution for transforming your energy in the solidarity.

Overall, between my moments of self awareness, deep breathing, and planking that evening, I remembered why exercise is so powerful.

Don’t magnify your failures.

In Mehta’s saying, I realized that there are no real failures to magnify in exercise — only gains, sprains, and strains, all of which can either be healed or improved upon. But what’s even more powerful is that exercise mirrors life; you go through ups and downs, pains and victories, but the important part is that you hold on.

If you suffer from seasonal anxiety, I highly suggest taking one of Mehta’s classes if you’re in the NYC area or buying her book, which includes music playlist for each routine. Feel the power of exercise.



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