(GIFs) Anywhere and Everywhere Exercises: Cuffing Season Edition

Chavonne Hodges
Chavonne Hodges is a NYC-bred Advertising professional by day and fitness enthusiast by night. Her love of music and fitness inspired to her to start GrillzandGranola, a fitness brand for trap and R&B lovers, merging contemporary music with exercise. When she's not working one of her many passion projects, she's recording her imaginary mixtape and discovering new music under the pseudonym "Young Chavo."

Pop Quiz:

1. Do you know what winter feels like? (Yes) or (No)
2. Have you already dumped your summer boo thang? (Yes) or ( No)
3. Have you experienced an influx of people sliding in your DMs? (Yes) or (No)

If you answered “Yes” to at least 2/3 of the questions above, then you, my friend, are right in the middle of the unofficial (official) “Cuffing Season.” The motives are simple: meet as many people as you can (digitally or IRL), establish a bond with one of them, and make him/her your cuddle buddy for those frosty nights in the North.

As basic as it sounds, Cuffing Season has the potential to crush souls. Too many bouts of rejection can leave a person feeling helpless and alone. Take a more strategic approach to cuffing this year by checking out the three moves below. They’re guaranteed to help you snag a winter boo via a strong core and/or an intentional thirst trap.

Tune: “Cuffin Season” by Fabolous

Move 1: Great for arms and abs.


Move 2: Obliques on fleek.


Move 3: Planks on planks on planks.


To discover new tunes and learn new moves, check out GrillzandGranola, a fitness lifestyle brand for trap and R&B lovers, merging contemporary music with exercise.

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