Anywhere and Everywhere Exercises: 3 Reasons To Listen To Trap During Cardio

Chavonne Hodges
Chavonne Hodges is a NYC-bred Advertising professional by day and fitness enthusiast by night. Her love of music and fitness inspired to her to start GrillzandGranola, a fitness brand for trap and R&B lovers, merging contemporary music with exercise. When she's not working one of her many passion projects, she's recording her imaginary mixtape and discovering new music under the pseudonym "Young Chavo."

When I am super stressed out, I like to use Drake lyrics to describe the way I feel about situations that are beyond my control. Maybe it’s the exercise endorphins or the inner pseudo-thug in me, but either way, no one is surprised when I start saying:

I move the game up, I’m reckless/ I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure.

These are words I borrow when I feel like I’m overcoming a major roadblock in my life. These lines come from “Digital Dash,” one of my favorite Drake songs which appears on his “What A Time to be Alive” trap mixtape with Future.

For those who don’t listen to trap music, it started in the south (think Atlanta and Houston), where any music enthusiast turned music producer/rapper with an 808 machine can have a makeshift studio in their home. While trap music is often created by people who literally live the “started from the bottom now we here” lifestyle, music-lovers nationwide have welcomed it.

But more importantly, it’s a subgenre of hip-hop that improves my workouts.


Next time you’re back on the treadmill, list to this: The GrillzandGranola Trap Cardio Playlist

With that said, here are 3 reasons why I love working out to trap music:


1. They’re easy beats to workout to.

Most trap beats are made on 808 machines, which means the instrumentals are consistent and simple enough to keep your crunches or squats at pace. No fancy guitar riffs here. Don’t believe me? Here’s my workout to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.”


2. The lyrics are motivating.

Say you’re going through a break up and decide to go to the gym to boost your mood and get over your ex. When you’re trying to get your gains in, there’s nothing more motivating than hearing someone who understands your struggle, like Kari Faux rapping: “Why would I even stress ’em when they be pressin’/ I just leave ’em guessing and move on to the next one.” Very inspiring, very bravado.


3. The songs are catchy.

Someone once said, “With the right music, you’ll either remember everything or forget everything.” I say, if the music is catchy, I’ll probably remember the lyrics and push everything else out of my mind. Or at least that’s how I feel when I listen to “Blase Blase.” Catchy lyrics never hurt anyone.


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