Almost A Local: 35 Things I’ve Learned About Living In NYC After 3 Months

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I’ve been living in New York City for a little over three months now, but I’m still not sure I’d consider myself a local. Truthfully, I’ll let you know how I’m fairing after winter comes and goes before I grant myself that privileged title.

Even though I’m not what you would call a ‘local’ just yet… I’ve definitely learned a lot in my first summer in the city. Coming from Miami, it was surprisingly easy to adjust but still involved a learning curve nonetheless.

Luckily, I’ve been skipping, dancing, and tripping all over that learning curve as I turn into a city girl ready to take on the world from the Big Apple. And with that, I’ve come away with 35 key teachings I’ve gathered from my limited but exciting adventures.

  1. Everyone is someone in NYC, and they all have a story to tell.
  2. One must prepare to spend an exuberant amount on cabs even though subways are easily accessible.
  3. “What do you pay for rent?” is a perfectly normal question.
  4. So is “what do you make?” #noboundaries
  5. The subway station is not a place to practice your manners.
  6. Your job title matters more here than your clothing label.
  7. Literally everyone is allergic to cats or hates them (personal rant).
  8. It’s easier to find gold at the end of a rainbow than the perfect apartment.
  9. Selfie sticks are more acceptable so feel free to take advantage.
  10. Wearing heels is really hard unless you bring a change of shoes.
  11. It’s nearly impossible to choose a bad place to eat.
  12. There’s almost no situation where you say no to a New York bagel.
  13. It’s quite easy to fall in love at first sight with strangers all over NYC.
  14. You’re never going to feel trendy enough no matter what you wear.
  15. Brooklyn is the rebellious sister of Manhattan and Manhattan is slightly jealous of her free spirit but would never tell her so acts better anyways.
  16. If you live in Brooklyn your friends that live in Manhattan probably won’t visit you.
  17. Brooklyn is the shit though.
  18. Summer is meant to be spent on rooftops, in the Hamptons, or in Sheep’s Meadow.
  19. You’ll encounter some ridiculously good musicians in the smelliest subways.
  20. You must walk fast or you’re going to get trampled on.
  21. Sunglasses and headphones are your armor for commuting.
  22. Most New Yorkers avoid the places that people come to New York to see.
  23. Dating here is not as great as the movies make it seem.
  24. The world around grabbing coffee is essentially a religion.
  25. It’s normal to scoff at people who complain over three flights of stairs now.
  26. Wearing open-toed shoes is a risk you choose to take.
  27. There are SO MANY free things to do if you know where to look.
  28. It’s okay to be cheesy sometimes and book a tour to act like a tourist.
  29. You can get an incredible amount of stuff done while on the subway.
  30. Everything moves so quickly that it’s best to give people second chances.
  31. There’s nothing better than pajamas and Seamless on a rainy day.
  32. Real life is a far cry from Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, but more like Broad City.
  33. Shopping in Midtown and Soho will be the most stressful part of your day.
  34. You can never be bored here, and if you are – it’s your own fault.

And lastly…35. No matter how many times you see the New York City skyline it will never cease to amaze you, inspire you, and make someone who doesn’t live here jealous of you when you Instagram it.

Cheers to living in the greatest city on Earth.

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