Clear Those Sinuses: 4 Allergy Hacks To Get You Through Fall

Alain Saint-Dic
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It’s fall time, and if you thought allergies only existed in the spring, you’re in for a rude awakening. As the leaves turn orange, the weather gets colder, and the scarves and peacoats come out, so do the dust mites and pollen that are clogging up your sinuses. Allergy season is back, and to make it worse, the nippy weather is hitting hard with the cold.

Need some allergy relief? Here are four tricks to have up your sleeve to get through this allergy season.

1. Drip drop drip drippity drop, drip that saline solution in your nose

Saline solution is that friend that you never call, but you know they’re there if you need them. If you want to get drunk on the fly, you carry a flask. If you want moist sinuses and decently clear breathing, having a bottle of saline solution on hand can save you from the stuffiness.


2. Your love’s like honey, sticky and slow

It’s been said that a taste of the local goods (honey, not prostitutes) can help your body to acclimate to local pollen, hence lowering allergies. So head over to your nearest farmer’s market and invest in a jar.


3. Spicy or refreshing food choice?

Actually, either will do. Eating spicy foods or using a fresh mint source in your mouth will help clear up nasal passages. Pick your poison.


4. It’s cuffing season

Kissing has been rumored to act as an anti-inflammatory. So before you settle in with your cuffing season draft picks, test out their lips while boosting your allergy immunity.

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