All You Need To Make Your Old Outfits Look New Again

Mikela Warman
Mikela has been working in the fashion industry since 2012 with the likes of Marie Claire, Giorgio Armani, WWD and VERANDA Magazine. She passionately studies the industry of style and how it coalesces with various different aspects of life such as art, career and cultural influences. When she’s not daydreaming at Bergdorf’s, you can find Mikela at yoga, watching Netflix documentaries and taking long walks around Manhattan. As a founding member of the site, Mikela also currently heads the brand management of 20something.

We all struggle with those “WTF do I wear to make this stupid outfit I’ve worn 15 times and twice on Instagram look different?” Amirite? Anyway…

The short and simple answer is to ~*accessorize*~

It’s summer and you don’t want to pile on the layers, so why not pile on the accoutrements? I’m not talkin’ about adding mashed potatoes as a side to your filet. I’m talkin’ bags, sunglasses, shoes, belts and jewelry galore.

All jokes aside, it really is such an easy way to brighten up a not-so-new outfit. I’m all about uniform and sticking to a style that’s right for you, but accessories are a more inexpensive way (for the most part) to spice it up.

Here are my five must-have accessories for summa summatime.


1. Bucket Backpack, like this one from Zara for $69.90



2. Wilfred Berjon Belt, like this one (ON SALE!) from Aritzia for $19.99



3. Twisted Stacker Rings, like these from Catbird for $64 (single rings sold separately)



4. Slip On Sneakers, like these from Vince for $195




5. Classic Sunnies, like these from Traps Eyewear for $280