After The Rose: The Bachelorette’s Robby Hayes On Reality TV Misconceptions

Written by Becca Van Sambeck, Interview conducted by Christina Mosti

This season of The Bachelorette brought plenty of memorable contestants from Human Steroid Chad to Aaron Rodgers’ little brother to our future husband sweet, adorable Wells. One of the most beloved contestants was runner up Robby Hayes, whose time on “The Bachelorette” was most perfectly summed up by this meme.

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Our editor-in-chief, Christina, was lucky enough to get the chance to chat with Robby about his time on America’s favorite dating show. And while he refused to give out Wells’ number, he did share with us everything from his thoughts on Chad dating his ex to whether or not he’d ever get back with JoJo.



2osomething: Did you feel that “The Bachelorette” portrayed you accurately?

RH: I think they definitely portrayed my character traits – who I am as a person, how I was raised – accurately. There were times when they flipped my words, made it seem like I was… An example was the front-runner conversation from Argentina. I’d been listening to people say ‘So and so is a front runner’ and I was like listen, there’s only six of us left. If you don’t think you’re a front-runner right now then you shouldn’t be here. I was just so sick of hearing that word because none of the other guys see my interaction with Jo when we’re on our dates and I don’t see theirs, so how can you even compare relationships that you don’t know what’s going on in? So I was like listen, if you don’t think you’re a front-runner you shouldn’t be here right now. I think I’m a frontrunner because I’ve seen my dates with Jo, I know my confidence in my emotions so that’s kind of something they flipped. But me as a person, they portrayed exactly who I was, yeah.


What do you think is the biggest misconception about being on “The Bachelorette” in general?

RH: You know, I always get asked ‘is it scripted’ and it’s not. Sometimes they’ll suggest that you say something but you, 1) don’t have to say it at all or, 2) you can put it in your own words. You don’t have to say whatever they want you to say. But I always get asked if it’s scripted and it’s really not


So one thing we noticed while was watching was that Chad was ALWAYS eating. Were they starving you guys or did he just constantly need to replenish his rage?

RH: Exactly, replenish his rage. He did a lot of calorie burning, weighed out his food, yeah he was just always eating.

Was he really the only one doing that or did that just portray it that way for TV?

RH: Yes, he was definitely the only one doing that.


Speaking of Chad, any comments regarding the Instagram photo of him and your ex…

RH: At that point I didn’t really care. Number one, I didn’t have feelings for her — that’s why we broke up. What I did care about was his slanderous comments in the caption about cheating, leaving her and all that. But in reality I was kind of glad that it happened because there have been rumors that I left her to go on the show that I was a two-timer like US Weekly had on their magazine saying. That hurt doing that, her allowing him to use her as a publicity stunt really showed her true colors so I’ve been saying I think she did me a favor by doing that and showed this girl didn’t really love me, to be honest.


You were the first guy to say I love you. Did you feel that that happened quickly because of the way “The Bachelorette” is designed, or was that something more indicative of how you always are in relationships?

RH: It was definitely personal to me. I obviously wear my emotions on my sleeve, I’m a very emotionally in touch person and there’s a lot of depth to my emotion and you can see that in not only that episode but also on the final episode me talking to her parents. So I know it works and I would do it again.

But what wasn’t shown was going through this journey, you know exactly how you feel about Jo. What you don’t know is how she feels, because she can’t give you those words, she can’t go around telling 20 guys that she likes them. So you gotta kind of feel for it through her body language or actions towards you, how you feel being intimate with her. And on the cliff in Uruguay before she jumped, she looked at me and she was like ‘Robby, I really like you’ and I wanted to say it to her right then and there…it was sitting on the tip of my tongue. But I did have a few speed bumps that I needed to clear, some issues that I wanted to talk to her about before I said it.

So it almost came out on the cliff when she said that because like I said you don’t really know how she’s feeling, so all your feelings are out here in left field. Is she feeling the same way about you, is she not? And then when she tells you that you’re like ok, we’re on the same page, I know how she feels, she feels the same way I do. It was ready to come out right then and there but I had to talk to her about a few things. But I did get that out of the way and it came out at dinner, so.


So now that it’s been a bit, what are you feelings on Jordan and JoJo? How are you feeling about her?

RH: It was hard seeing her at the final rose, I was glad I got to see her [because] she holds a special place in my heart obviously, I mean I fell in love with her. That said, one of the things I love most about Jo is the way she carries herself with such maturity and class and elegance. And also how she handles tough situations. You know she’s been in our shoes before and now in the lead role so she handles situations in a mature manner. So I knew she would make the right decision for her.

And in loving her, I developed an unconditional care for her and caring for her as much as I did all I wanted was for her to be happy. And if I wasn’t that guy to do that for her, then I wanted to her to find that guy. I wanted her to find her happily ever after. It was her journey to find love, and I just felt fortunate enough to find it along the way with her. So I respect her decision. I respect Jordan, he was one of my best friends on the show and I wish them happily ever after

Well that’s awfully sweet of you. But you must have seen the rumors that the two are in trouble and might be on the rocks. If that really were the case, would you still be open to something with JoJo?

RH: Well first off, I don’t believe those rumors. I’m sure they’re happily loving life right now. But if it did come to that and she picked up the phone and called me, you better believe I would answer. I’d hear her out.


So if you were to go on the show again and you could choose anyone to be The Bachelorette, who would it be?

RH: Anyone, I would choose Margot Robbie because she’s like my girl crush…my woman crush Wednesday every day. I didn’t watch any season beforehand besides Emily Maynard’s season because I thought she was gorgeous. But yeah, Margot Robbie all the way. It used to be Carrie Underwood until she got married, so now Margot Robbie.

So you had never watched the show really before? Did you realize what you were getting into?

Umm I knew. Like I said I watched some of Emily’s season and then I watched Ben’s season, but I kind of stopped halfway through it because I figured, once I found out that I was going through the process of potentially being on the show…well I also knew that they sometimes use people from previous seasons, so I didn’t want to sit there and watch potentially one of the girls I was going to be vying for her heart fall in love with another guy. So I kind of stopped. Missed the middle six episodes, watched the first couple and last couple and that’s all I’d really seen.

Knowing everything that you do know now, would you do it again?

Yeah, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I have no regrets. I know the journey works, I found love. And that was one of the things before deciding to go out there, I sat down with my family and was like why rule out any avenue to find that love I’m looking for? So I know it works and I would do it again.

Then WHY are we not going to see you on “Bachelor in Paradise”??

RH: I don’t think the final two can go on “Bachelor in Paradise” because they start filming before it’s done. So that’s why that didn’t happen. And I don’t know if I’d go on “Bachelor in Paradise.” It’s kind of a little….different… a little…I’m trying to find a nicer word (laughs).


Have you been keeping in touch with any of the other guys?

RH: Yeah, a lot of them. I was really close with Jordan, really close with Chase, and really close with Alex. I went and spent Fourth of July with Alex, I was just in Denver before the final rose spending some time with Chase. I’ve seen Christian, I’ve seen Nick, I’ve seen Ali, I’ve seen James S…so yeah I mean I keep in touch with everyone except for one and you probably guess who that is…

I notice you didn’t mention Wells. Do you guys keep in touch? I have to ask since America (read: me. All me.) basically fell in love with him.

RH: I’ve definitely texted Wells a few times between the show and now, but I haven’t seen him yet. When I go to Nashville I’ll definitely be hitting him up.


If they asked you to be The Bachelor, would you do it?

RH: You know, like I said the journey works. I believe I would be open to it. With that being said there’s a lot of drama, a lot of scrutiny, a lot publicity that comes with the whole process and I’m not the only one who goes through that. My family went through it too and my sisters and my mom are very sensitive. So it would have to be something I sit down and talk with them about and really hammer out if it would be worth it or not.


Maybe this is something that only someone from Florida would notice, but you said your hometown was Jacksonville, but brought her to St. Augustine on home towns. Isn’t that kind of cheating?

(Editor’s note: St Augustine is way prettier and nicer than Jacksonville)

RH: There’s actually a date team and I suggested going out to Jax Beach, Riverside and I also suggested St. Augustine because it’s a neat town. And the date team, you know date executives and producers, go out the week prior and they scout everything out and they chose St. Augustine. So I didn’t even know where we were going until that week.

Ok so you’ve just informed me of my dream job, I now want to be a date executive.

RH: Yeah, right?


So what’s next for you?

RH: You know there’s a lot of stuff you get asked to do while the season is airing that you can’t do because you’re under contract until after you get off the show. And so interviews, photo shoots, TV segments, events, Q&As, Skype calls like this that I was asked to do, but couldn’t so I scheduled a lot of that just after August 1 and it pretty much goes through late October. So right now the home base is pretty much an airplane – I’m always traveling I’m all over the place — but eventually I’ll pick a landing spot — new city, and figure it out from there.

Where are you thinking?

RH: I have a short list and that’s Atlanta, Denver and LA.


I actually read recently that you are in a new relationship. Can you confirm or deny that?

RH: Whhhaa?? Where did you see that? I am not in a relationship so that’s interesting (starts Googling).

Ok, so not in a relationship, how are girls to get in touch with you? Are you turning to dating apps?

RH: Not going to dating apps, that’s not really my style, not really genuine. But you know, I’m not actively trying to date but if something falls in my lap, I’m not going to ignore it.

(Editors Note: So, ladies, if you see him — just physically go sit on his lap, it’s basically confirmed he won’t ignore you.)


That’s all we had. Anything else you want to share?

RH: I mean, as I said it was a once in a life time experience I would do it again. The people I got to meet, the places I got to go, I kept in touch with a lot of the producers who I remain pretty good friends with…it was really an interesting and awesome experience.